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How to make tiny people in Photoshop, shrink people into mini people

This fun Photoshop tutorial shows you how to take photos of people and make them look tiny. Composite the people into a scene with a dog t make it look really giant. If you want to learn how to play around with size, this is the Photoshop tutorial for you. I have to confess, this is a LOT of fun to do 🙂 Share your tiny people with the rest of us over at the CAFE Facebook page (join here – it’s safe and free).


Thanks to Adobe stock for these images


Climber 1

Climber 2

climber 3


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4 responses to “How to make tiny people in Photoshop, shrink people into mini people”

  1. Hi! I just became a facebook member and want to submit a picture for the small people contest. My problem is I don’t see how to do that. Please help.

  2. Hi Alex, just go to the group and apply to join. We manually accept people so we can keep spammers out and only have good people there like yourself 🙂

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