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Realistic Microphone in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1


Create a new Document 600 x600 -rgb, transparent bg

Make a circle with the marquee tool

Step 2

mic2Fill with a grid pattern. How to make Grids

Step 3


We want to make our grid nice and spherical


Use 100% and run the filter 2X

Don’t deselect

Step 4

mic4Create a new layer and move it beneath the mesh layer and name it “head”

Step 5

mic5Create a light to dark gray gradient

Use the circular settings and fill the sphere so it looks like the image shown


Step 6


Choose the Mesh Layer again

Add a bevel and emboss layer style as shown here

Set the gloss contour for double ring

Choose color overlay and make it a light gray color

Step 7

 mic7You should have a sphere like the one on the left now, this is our mesh

Step 8

mic8Create a new gradient like the one here

Step 9

 mic9Make a new layer

Draw a rectangle

Fill it with the new gradient, linear top to bottom

Step 10

mic10We want to add a bit of depth, so duplicate the rectangle 2X, move both copies beneath the gradient layer

Fill one copy with white and one copy with black

Step 11

mic11Nudge the black rectangle to the right by 1 pixel

Nudge the white rectangle to the left by 1 pixel

Step 12

mic12Repeat the steps 9-11 except make the rectangle narrower as shown in the illustration here

 mic13Link all the layer and choose create new set from linked
Name it head. We now have the mic head completed.

Lets continue to the body in

Step 13



Lets make the shoulder of the mic now…

Create a new layer above the “head” layer set

Create a new rectangle

Fill with the same gradient that we used before on the ring around the head

Step 14


Press cmd/Ctl+T for free transform

Right click and choose “perspective”

Drag the right side of the rectangle in as shown


Step 15


Use the image>Canvas size to englarge the canvas for the rest of the mic

Create a new rectangle and fill with the gradient


Step 16



Free Transform>perspective

Shape the body of the microphone

Step 17

mic18Darken up the body a bit:

Press cmd/ctrl+L for levels

Use the settings I used here, make sure you adjust the very bottom highlight slider

Step 18


We now have a darker body for the mic

Step 19


Duplicate the shoulder and move the duplicate all the way to the end.


Step 20


Use free transform to make an endcap as shown


Step 21



Lets add some text.

Create your text and rotate it.

Rasterize the text by clicking on its name in the layers palette and choose “rasterize”

Make a rectanglar selection around the text


Step 22


Lets make the text wrap around the mic:

Choose filter>distort>spherize

Set it for 100% and vertical only

press ok


Step 23



The type should be wrapping around the mic now, if not then use the free transform to touch it up.


Step 24

There you have it, a microphone in Photoshop. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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