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I am on the vault and it won’t let me download, I click the button and nothing happens.

Because browsers are all different and security settings are always changing, this can happen occasionally. Almost every time this happens, using a different browser fixes it. In the rare instance it happens on more than one browser, right-click and choose download. (We have never had a case where one of these 2 solutions didn’t work.)

I get an error message when trying to sign up for the Vault

If you are already on our mailing list, you don’t need to sign up again. You will see a direct download link near the bottom of each weekly newsletter. This will also give you access to updates in the vault and new goodies. If you haven’t signed up before, send us a support request and we will get you squared away. .

How do I log into my account and get my downloads?

Issues with MAC”” is damaged…


See the installation walk through tutorial for downloaded version of the PhotoshopCAFE training 


Q: My DVD won’t work in my DVD player

A: These are DVD ROMs and won’t work on a settop box. The DVDs are intended for playback on computers equipped with a DVD ROM only. The reason is that the quality is higher this way, unless we do HD DVD, but the technology is too new and it would limit the amount of people that can enjoy the training. Open the CD/DVD from your Computer and double click the file marked “Start.exe (Start on Mac)”. Everything will run from the interface that will load


Q: Can you walk me through the process?
A: Sure thing. Click here

Tip: On windows, use Firefox, On mac use Safari

Q: The program is downloded, but I can’t open the files.

A: Do you have winzip? or Winrar? These are standard programs that everyone uses to open compressed files. You can get free evaluation copies from or (This fixes 99% of DL Issues)
The archive utility inside windows doesn’t support 3rd party products very well.

Viewing Videos

Q: I see things on the screen but there are no buttons to watch the videos.
A: Make sure your screen resolution is set to at least 1024 x 768 so you can see the whole screen.


Q: I never received the email for the download?

A: Please check your spam folder. This email is set right away and could get flagged as spam by accident. The link is also on your order confirmation page on the website

Q: I see the download page but no item has been downloaded

A: Please be patient. As this is a very large file this can take a long time to download, look for the status indicator at thee bottom of Internet Explorer to see the progress. (On mac you will see the download manager).

Q: The download is half done and appears to be doing nothing

A: Don’t disturb the download unless you receive an error message (Watch the top of the page in internet explorer). Depending on your connection speed a download could take as long as an hour or more! This is a very large file. It’s still a lot faster than waiting for the mail. I would suggest trying Firefox, its more reliable for downloads and is free at

Q: I have an option to open or save the file, which do I choose?

A: You want to first save the file and then open it later. If you choose to open, if there is a download error, you will be unable to launch the movies

Q: It says that my download has expired or I have attempted to many downloads

A: Please email customer support


Q: Why can’t I play any of the movies?

A: Make sure that you have unzipped the file. This download is a compressed file for faster download, you cannot launch the program within a compressed folder, you must first extract it to a folder or your desktop.

Q: How do I launch the tutorials?

A: Open up the downloaded folder and double click on the file that says start.exe (Or start on Mac). Don’t launch the _start.exe file, this does nothing.

If your issue isn’t resolved by these suggestions, 
email customer support 
Please include:
Your name:
Your Order number:
Item Ordered:
Platform .. ie MAC/WIN:
OS eg. OSX10.4, Win XP, XP SP2 etc:
Connection speed: Cable, DSL, Dialup (not recommened):
Your issue – Please include any error messages

We will work hard to resolve your issue as quickly as possible!

PhotoshopCAFE team.

If the solutions here don’t work, contact us. But please at least look at the walkthrough first. 99% of Technical issues are solved with this

Contact us

55 responses to “photoshopcafe support”

  1. I just ordered Wacom Tablet & Photoshop CC Video Download (order no 20069) and was charged for it twice. The order does show 2 items for the same download. I used the coupon code “youtubedrawing” to get 50% off the $39.99 price. Could you please correct this and send a credit to Paypal? Or would it be easier to cancel the order and try it again?

  2. Hi Colin,

    I was wondering if any of your tutorials would cover two specific problems I encounter with post-processing of HDR photography.

    The first problem is “micro” ghosts, such as blades of grass swaying in the wind. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to merge the multiple exposures, but if the grass (or whatever) is far enough away that the movement is only a pixel or two, neither program detects the movement as ghosting. The result is a loss of detail in those areas compared to the original inputs.

    My second question is, when Lightroom or Photoshop DO detect ghosts, is there any way to inform the software which of the original photos to prioritize? Lightroom, at least, seems to prefer the photo with the fastest shutter speed, which in some cases will be the “noisiest” photo due to underexposure.

    Do you address these issues in any of your tutorials?


  3. I sought help on 1st February but to date have not received a response. The question was “February 1, 2018 at 9:18 pm
    When I try the out of frame tutorial.
    I find that the Select > Modify is greyed out and therefore I cannot put a frame around the warped selection.
    Any suggestions ?

  4. Just watched your youtube channel’s clip on wacom hacks and would be eager to try. Alas, I’m having a slight impediment wacom could not help me with, maybe you can?
    One of your obvious sounding hacks was to install the wacom driver – exactly my problem. Working on a Win7 64 bit platform I connect a cintiq 13. The old driver that cintiq shipped with let’s me have basic functionality but no pen pressure. All the drivers available on the wacom site end up not recognizing the tablet or generate pop-ups ‘driver not running’ or some such message.
    I’m losing me marbles over this. had an de-install/re-install feast without successs. and via the phone to wacom we got it working for a few seconds with the latest driver, but I had to restart the pc and was promptly back to square one.
    please, please, I hope you have an idea on how to fix this for good ’cause I cannot use my cintiq and am going out of my wee mind!!

  5. I bought the P800 that replace my 4880 EPSON printer. My question is will this printer clog up when not used for a while? Do you have any good points for a better print?
    Thanks Joe

  6. Collin did a day night tutorial and mentioned a stock photo site. CAN YOUSPELL IT FOR ME AND IS IT REALLY YOURS to work on as long as its not published?

  7. Hi Guys, watched a few tutorials but unable to use with my system Photoshop CC3.
    Please advise if there are any tutorials in your archive usable with my system.
    Many thanks

  8. Hi Colin .

    I would like to know the download size of Jeremy Cox’s course about coloring in photoshop.

    The speed of my Internet Conecction is acceptable, but not excellent, and I want to know the size for to plan between download the course in a Rar or WinZip archive or to buy the Dvd.

    Which is the way to select between download the course or to send a Dvd to home ?

    Sorry for my level of English. I live in Spain and English is not my native language .

    Greetings from Spain.

  9. I found this turial very helpful but I need more help. I have an jpg image that is black with shades of blue on a white background. I want to chanes the shades of blue to yellows and oranges without doing it one by one. Please send me links for appropriate tutorials or info. I am using PhotoshopCS6Portable

    • We have lots of tutorial on changing colors under the free tutorials, each category is clearly labeled or you can type in the search bar at the top of the page

  10. I downloaded your premium course on Lightroom Classic CC. Great course. Thanks for putting it together. I noticed many images are edited but the history only shows the import date and time. How did you manage that? Clearing History also removes the import date and time. Do please let me know.

  11. Colin Smith, Hi again. This is Rasheed Mistri. I downloaded your Premium Lightroom Lessons. The images you supplied with them, cannot be grouped/stacked. Ctrl-G wont work. Right click menu does not have the stack option. And the menu>Photo>Stacking is all greyed out. I can stack my own images though. Why can I not stack the images you have supplied? Please do let me know.

    • Please send a message to Support, you will see the link at the top an at the bottom of each page, because of the extreme limitations, we can’t provide tech support through the comments but More than happy to help through the support desk which has excellent communication tools.

  12. I have an old “Photoshop CS2, type effects”, CD I bought from you way back. When I attempt to view any of the effects, Dreamweaver tutorials are what show up. ??

    • Please open a support ticket so we can help you, click on customer support at the top of the page

  13. I have been looking at your MASTER SELECTIONS AND MASKS IN PHOTOSHOP 2020 that you are selling. Just wondering if it will work with CS5? Thanks, Jackie

  14. Hi, I would like to purchase your book ADOBE CAMERA RAW HANDBOOK. I do not have lightroom only photoshop.
    Will this book benefit me?
    Thanks, don.

    • Its a video series and yes it would benefit you even more if you don’t have Lightroom, you don’t need lightroom to use it.

  15. I attended the Adobe Max class with Colin Smith called Beginner Photoshop Compositing and I can’t figure out how to download the images that go with the workbook.

  16. Hi Colin.
    I hope you are keeping safe. Live is easy here in Iceland. Lid kept on the virus and vaccinations in progress.
    Just blogged about your site on my Adobe Reseller social sites. Hope it brings you some new clients from Iceland.
    If anyone asks for recommendations regarding learning material for Photoshop or Lightroom the get back from me a link to your Premium tutorials. All the best from Iceland. Onwards !!! – I did a blog about your website to.

  17. Hola Colin, Perdon por el idioma, pero no domino el ingles….
    Compre el paquete de Main Bundle 5DD y tengo un pequeño problema en un video de tu curso “PS -Action & Automation”………falta el fichero “19.LUT’s . srt” en español…..
    ¿Podrías enviarmelo en español o en ingles ?
    Muchas Gracias por tu tiempo y por lo mucho que nos ayudas con tus enseñanzas…. Un Saludo y SALUD

  18. HI Colin! I am eager to buy your deep-dive Lightroom course, but I see that the latest version is June 2020. will there be another version after the Lightroom November-2121 updates are released? I understand there will be some big changes — Should I wait to purchase, or does the download price include future versions of the training course? Thank you!

  19. Hi Colin, thank you for all the tutorials on animation in Photoshop. I am doing research related to the streetscape and have modeled the streetscape in Photoshop along with cars in motion. However, I am stuck at this point because the car movement is done on a two-dimensional picture(background) and I am finding it difficult to make the car vanish as it moves further away. The size adjustment of the car makes it seems like it is disappearing in a black hole as it moves at the furthest end. I have used fade with color as it reaches the furthest end of the movement and it does not seem to go well. Do you think there could be a way out to create a realistic car motion as it moves further and disappears from sight? Thank you!

  20. After creating masks in Camera RAW, how do you open it in Photoshop with layer masks in tack? I would like to use other tools on the layers such as advanced blur tools.

  21. Purchased your Generative Fill in PS, I have subscribed to Adobe PS v 24.5, using Adobe Creative Cloud, so I have the latest version. I have downloaded PS (Beta) v 24.7, but cannot get it installed. I believe I have followed your instruction under Chapter 3 (How to get access). I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times with no good results.

    Is there a FIX to this problem?

  22. Hi there,

    I am having trouble changing the colour of a dirty/patchy building, and giving it a uniform look with new colour

    Any ideas


    Kind regards


  23. Hi Colin
    I had problems trying to set the black point and the white point for Contrast. How do you reset the Curves histogram back to its original setting?

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