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Photoshop masking tools for easy cutouts

A lot of people work in the masking panel and then leave the panel to do certain tasks and jump around a lot. There are a number of tools available in the Masking Panel that way too few people use. Check out these amazing tools that really help you get better and faster masks. Where we are at it, this is the real reason the Leaning Tower or Pisa is falling over ;).

I hope you enjoy this photoshop tutorial!


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3 responses to “Photoshop masking tools for easy cutouts”

  1. Hey Colin,

    I must be doing something wrong … every time I try to us the select and mask tools they never work the way yours do! 🙂 If I were doing this composite, it would take me much longer and never look like yours. I could never get the railing at the top of the tower to even show up! Do you have some settings in the options bar and in Select and Mask that helps with this type of masking?

    Really get a lot out of your tutorials! Thank you for your time and effort!



  2. Hi Colin, I’m following your tutos since a very long time and couldn’t tell how much I’ve learned, so, many thanks to you. But I have the same problem as Dennis Zito: Each time I try to use the refine tool of select & mask, it erase the subject almost as perfectly as the background I want to clear out. What am I missing?

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