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HDR Photography explained

This is an HDR primer that explains exactly what HDR is and why you should use it in your photography. Have you wanted a simple explanation? Here is is.

After this HDR Photography beginners into, check out Colin Smith’s free HDR tutorial that shows you how to work with High Dynamic Range photographs.

Here is older video that also exlains HDR

HDR Resources

Check out our free HDR resources at PhotoshopCAFE

Colin Smith’s HDR tutorial

HDR in Camera Raw (Photoshop CC 2015) and quick HDR guide

Basic HDR explaination (Video)

Written tutorial on HDR in Camera Raw (What’s new)

HDR in Lightroom

Tone Mapping HDR in Lightroom and ACR

If you are ready for deeper learning see my Premium training on HDR as well as Photoshop and Lightroom which cover these topics in greater detail for those of you who really want to master the subject.

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