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Processing HDR Landscape Photography in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

A newer option in Photoshop’s ACR and Lightroom is the ability to work with HDR photos. These programs can now work in 32 bit mode. What this means to you is the ability to make the enhancements that you are used to with an excption. You are able to work with merged HDR images, meaning that you have a lot more tonal range, or details in shadows and details in highlights to work with. The result is a photograph that looks very close to what you witnessed with your eyes. This is not a tutorial on the basics of HDR and stylized looks, we have that tutorial here.Rather, this is a tutorial on how to achieve the most natural result possible. The adjustments in Camera Raw andLightroom are identical.

Here is the final result



If you like this tutorial..

Check out Colin Smith’s best-selling video training on HDR. This is one of the most popular HDR training videos in the world!

HDR Resources

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Tone Mapping HDR in Lightroom and ACR

If you are ready for deeper learning see my Premium training on HDR as well as Photoshop and Lightroom which cover these topics in greater detail for those of you who really want to master the subject.

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