Photoshop CC for Digital Photographers

with Colin Smith

Please note: there is a new version of this available now:

Photoshop 2020 For Digital Photographers

Meet your new Photoshop Instruction

If you are looking to learn Photoshop, this is the training you have been looking for. This is more than a training course, it’s a labor of love and passion, 15 years in the making. This is the 8th edition of this best-selling training and each time, it gets better and better. This is one of those rare training courses from a real-world expert who loves and uses Photoshop every day (and does training for Adobe). On top of this, Colin has a rare gift in breaking down even the most complex topic into a simple and fun tutorial.

The training covers everything you need to know when working with photographs inside Photoshop. You will learn all the tools to use and how to use them best. This is the A-Z Photoshop training, and it’s loaded with undocumented tips and tricks so you won’t be wasting any time.

There are now new and better ways of working in Photoshop CC. This video will get you up to speed with the correct work flows, so you’re blazing efficient and your photos look stunning! Learn the secrets of the pros from an award-winning expert who has excelled in the field and understands your needs and deadlines. In a warm conversational style, Colin clearly explains what you need to know without using empty jargon. You can use these techniques with confidence, knowing that these are the latest industry strength methods that produce professional results.

This uses Photoshop CC 2015, there is a newer version of this training available. 

13 hours of video and 89 lessons! All the lesson files are included, so you can follow along at your own pace!

If you are a photographer, designer, hobbyist, anyone who works with images, beginner to professional, this training is for you!

Your new Instructor

Colin Smith is an award winning digital artist, best-selling author, and trainer. Colin is founder of the #1 PhotoshopCAFE online community which has received over 30 million visitors. Colin has written 20 books including the photographers Guide to Drones, Video in Photoshop, Complete Photoshop for Digital Photographers, New Masters of Photoshop 1&2, How To Do Everything With Photoshop and Photoshop Most Wanted.

He has won numerous awards including 3 Guru awards. He’s been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame twice. Colin has been featured in almost every major digital imaging magazine and is in high demand as a speaker at Adobe MAX, Photoshop World, WPPI, PPE, Imaging USA, creativeLIVE, Siggraph, NAB, CES etc. and He consults such companies as Edison, ABC Disney, Apple and Adobe.



Welcome from Colin. He tells you what to expect from this training

File Formats

In this quick discussion, Colin talks about jpg, raw, tiff and why you should never use a digital zoom.

Creative Cloud

Learn how Photoshop works with the cloud. Get free assets; sync them in your library.


Setting up custom Workspaces to help you work more efficiently.

Import from Camera

Import all your photos directly from a digital camera or card reader. Use the Photo Downloader.

Bridge Overview

Take a tour of Bridge. Get oriented and find files quickly.


Learn how to use stacks to sift through large amounts of photos quickly.

Collections and Review

Use collections and smart collections to organize your photos in an easy to find way.

Bridge Keywords

Adding Keywords. Setting up searches and tagging all your photos quickly.

Slide Shows

Use Slide Shows in Bridge to present images in a beautiful way.

Batch Rename

Rename your photos in one fell swoop. Don't rename them one at a time!


Understanding metadata and making reusable templates

Output to PDF

Create interactive and static PDF's so you can email them to clients and keep control over the security settings.

Contact Sheets

Create contact sheets with thumbnails so that you can email them to clients or keep a visual record.


Camera Raw Walkthrough

Take this feature-by-feature orientation of camera raw and learn the basic workflow

Noise Reduction in Camera Raw

This tool is so good, it's the only way I recommend removing noise for all your images.

Batch Camera Raw

Want to edit multiple images in one hit in Camera Raw? You'll learn this and how to edit jpg and tiff.

Graduated filter in ACR

Make your skies pop with this Split Neutral Density effect.

Adjustment brush in ACR

Do retouching right in Camera Raw non-destructively. This super useful tool changes everything.

Radial Filter

Use the radial filter in Camera Raw to create local adjustments on your images and more.

Creative tone treatments

Black and white, Split tone and sepia tones

Camera Raw Presets

How to work with, and create your own presets. Also discover how to experiment safely.

Perspective Correction

Use Upright to correct perspective and tilted images.


HUD and viewing tips

This video shows you tips to zoom, navigate, change brush settings and more.

Layers Features

Learn about the advanced features in Layers including filtering.


What is a histogram and how can it help your photographs look even better? Find out in this plain-English guide.


Take what you learned in histograms and apply to the interactive histogram, know as levels. Never thought of it this way before? Let’s get started.


Use the eyedropper and info palette to add luster to dull images.

Adjustment Layers

Use non-destructive adjustment layers with built in masks. Learn the best way of adjusting images.

Curves Overview

Understand how Curves work. Don't just push buttons. Understand what you're doing.

Color correction

Removing color casts from photographs make them look natural.

Shadow/Highlight Rescue

Use Shadow Highlight to rescue an otherwise useless image.

Shadow/Highlight Portrait

Use Shadow Highlight to subtly craft a location portrait and make it pop.

LAB mode

This one is for stubborn images. You'll be amazed at the difference this makes.



Quickly prepare you image to print nicely on a targeted size and resolution. Tighten up the composition of your photograph. It’s easier than you think with this trick.

Perspective Crop

Use the perspective crop tool to straighten out photos in ways you didn't think possible.

Straighten Photos

It's so quick and simple to straighten crooked photos, see multiple ways.

ACR Lens correction

You can automatically straighten fisheye photos and more in Camera Raw.

Lens correctionv

Fix barreling, keystones and other lens related problems using manual and automatic lens corrections.

Camera Shake reduction

Sharpen a photo that is blurred because of camera movement and shake.


Learn what happens to your photo when you sharpen. Discover how to get the best sharpening results.

Smart Sharpen

Use this tool to sharpen noisy photos without adding more noise.

Selective Sharpen

A quick technique to sharpen selectively and quickly.

High Pass sharpening

A non-destructive sharpening technique that's used by the entertainment industry.

Dodge and Burn

A totally new and improved technique for Dodging and Burning non destructively.

Paint with Light

Use Layer Masks to paint in your image adjustments exactly where you want them.


Masks Primer

Learn about layer masks and how you can use them to work smarter and faster than ever before.

Advanced Masking

Learn about the Masks panel. This tool gives you unprecedented control over your masks. You’ll be masking like a pro in no time.


Get rid of red eye. No more demonic red gazes, just beautiful pupils.

Healing retouch

Retouch a face using the healing brush and spot healing brush.

Content Aware Fill

This amazing tool removes objects from your photographs automatically.

Content Aware Patch

Use the content aware patch to fill in large areas of a photo seamlessly, as if by magic.

Content Aware Scale

Reshape your image without resizing important parts of the photo.

Content Aware Move

Move portions of an image. Photoshop seamlessly places it and fills the hole perfectly.


The clone stamp is the retouching workhorse. Do more things with cloning than you can imagine.

Vanishing Point

Use Vanishing point to clone and position photos in perspective.

Frequency Separation

An advanced way of facial retouching, splits texture from color and preserves skin pores.

Body Sculpting

Using the puppet tool and warp you can reshape bodies and even alter poses.

Replace color

How to change the color of anything in a photograph without making selections.

Curves Color Match

Use Curves to recolor an object with an exact color.


Smart Objects

Understand how to use Smart Objects and Smart Filters. Non-destructive filters are here in Photoshop. Learn all the insider secrets of this new feature.


Create a seamless panorama. You’ll create a sweeping panorama of a volcanic crater in Hawaii. Yep, it’s safe for you to do this at home.

Focus mask

Make selections based on Depth of Field and blur.

Remove Backgrounds Refine Edge

Use the quickselect brush to extract, deep dive on Refine Edge.

Precisely selecting hair

Clean up fringing on extracted hair quickly and select down to a single hair.

Masking Impossible Images

Extracting very difficult subjects, advanced way to remove an object from its background.

Blending photo together

How to combine photos into seamless composites and collages.

Perspective warp

Use Perspective Warp to change the angle of photographs so that they match for compositing.


Learn about HDR where detail is clear in shadows and highlights. Use Photoshop and ACR.

HDR DeGhosting

When things move between shots they create ghosting and ruin HDR images, until now.


HDR Toning

Use this adjustment to recreate a HDR tone mapped look on a single image.

LUT Looks

Create Cinematic color grading and make presets from sets of adjustment layers.

Black and White 1

Create a powerful Black and white sports photo in Camera Raw.

Black and White 2

Use Channel Mixer for advanced black and white conversions.

Black and White 3

Use the Black and White adjustment to create stunning black and white photographs.

Soft Glow

Colin has totally revamped this technique. Add soft romantic glow to portraits without any selections.

Depth of Field

This technique will add believable depth of field to you images, see 2 projects.

Tilt Shift

Create a miniaturized look by emulating a tilt-shift lens.

Iris blur

A perfect way of leading the viewers eye to a focal point of a photograph.

Spin Blur

Put a car into motion and learn how to use the amazing non-destructive spin blur.

Path Blur

Simulate motion in a photograph. No guitars were harmed in the making of this tutorial.

Focus Stacking

Take a series of photographs with narrow Depth of field. Merge them into a single focused photo.


Camera Raw Video

You can use Camera Raw to enhance video, see how powerful and easy it is.

Video editing in Photoshop

Learn the workflow for editing cinematic quality video in Photoshop.

Exporting video

Encode video from Photoshop for sharing onscreen, online and on mobile devices.

Time-lapse video

Turn a sequence of photographs into an eye popping time-lapse video that is sure to please.

Tilt Shift Time-Lapse

Apply a tilt-shift effect to you time-lapse to make it look like tiny people with scale models.

Uploading to iPad

Learn how to watch this video on an iPad or other portable device

Good Bye

Parting comments and recommendations for further learning.