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DJI MAVIC PRO drone, Tutorial, undocumented tips and hacks

In this tutorial, learn how to use the DJI Mavic pro. There are lots of tips and little undocumented hacks to help you become a power user. See some beautiful examples of video and timelapse too.

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I hope you enjoy these tips on the Mavic Pro.

Here is my Original review (first flight) video, where I test the Mavic Pro.

More info on DJI Mavic Pro and Buy here

If you like a giggle, my unboxing video is here (yes, I’m a bit excited)

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Thanks for checking it out!


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6 responses to “DJI MAVIC PRO drone, Tutorial, undocumented tips and hacks”

  1. Great review, but here is something that I found out from another review. If you have an iPad mini 4 or similar size you can hold them using the clamps on the remote

  2. The DJI website has a FAQ that mentions a manual focus mode with a focus slide bar. Did you see or use this feature?

    • It really depends whats important to you. The mcvic is perfect for travel. They both have similar features and are both easy to fly. I personally really like the Mavic right now.

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