How to use Generative Fill in Photoshop

with Colin Smith

Generative Fill AI in Photoshop

Your guide to the world of ai image generation in Photoshop

Everyone’s talking about the brand new Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop. It’s the hottest new thing! And for good reason, this is the biggest update to Photoshop in it’s history. You can now remove impossible things from images, because ai literally creates whatever is missing. You can generate almost anything to add to your images and even expand outside your image boundaries and Photoshop will create whatever you need.

When the dust clears, you will realize there are limitations to this feature. Many people are struggling to get the best results out of this powerful tool and even to get their heads around what GenFill can do and how to do it. It’s very important for you to get an early grasp of these tools if you want to keep up, and even get ahead of the crowd.

Lucky you, you found this course! In the easy-to-follow style Colin Smith is famous for, he walks you through Generative Fill in Photoshop.  With decades of experience working in the real world and training for Adobe, Apple, Nvidia and many others, he really knows Photoshop on a level that few do. But he has a knack to make learning fun and easy, and even complex things, will seem simple. Even new users will be able to follow along with this course.

You can follow along step-by-step, using Colin’s photos (They are all included).

When you have finished this course, you will get a jump-start on other people. Any confusion, or fear will be gone. You will have a clear understanding of what Generative Fill is, and isn’t. You will know what you can do with it and when to use other Photoshop tools. You will be ready to confidently move forward with this new tool and apply it to your own imagery. Whether you are just wanting to clean up your photos, or create fantastical works of art, your imagination will be your limitation.

Includes: 23 lessons | 2 hours running time | All instructor images


What you will learn..

1. Intro

2. Overview What is Generative Fill and What can it do?

3. How to get Access Where to get Generative fill in the beta and trouble-shooting

4. Generate a scene from scratch  Generating multiple objects to create a scene

5. Extend image  How to add to the edges of an image

6. Fix panorama  Remove the transparency from the panorama edges, tips for better resolution

7. Remove crowds Remove crowds of People from photographs

8. Remove crowd, keep person  Remove crowds, between a person and a landmark

9. Remove Anything Easily remove impossible obstructions from photographs

10. Generate Objects How to generate new objects and fit them into an image

11. Replace Objects Change objects in a photo into different objects

12. Duplicating and moving an image Move an image and blend it into the background

13. Combining variations Combine different parts of different generations

14. Change Background How to change the background and fix trouble spots

15. Adding reflections Add realistic reflections

16. Adapting Depth of Field How to generate for Depth of field. How to alter the base to have distance blur

17. Density Water and Controlling direction Make objects look submerged and control direction and placement

18. Ai and retouching, changing color How to change the color of an object, without it changing

19. Bridge and blend images together How to Blend two different photos into an extended scene

20. Compositing with your own photos Make a composite with your own photos

21. Composite your photo into ai scene Create a fantasy composite starting with your own photo

22. Actions and ai How to create actions with generative ai commands

23. Conclusion and discussion on ai Where do the Images come from? Will I be replaced by ai?


All Lesson files are included and a PDF Table of contents

Running time: 2 Hours
User Level: Beginner – Intermediate
No risk: 30 day satisfaction guarantee, or full refund.


3 reviews for How to use Generative Fill in Photoshop

  1. Ardeth Bay

    The brand new Generative Fill feature in Adobe Photoshop is a game-changer, and it’s generating a lot of buzz for good reason. This update represents the most significant advancement in Photoshop’s history, allowing you to effortlessly remove impossible elements from images and let AI create whatever is missing. Not only that, but you can also generate a wide range of objects and expand beyond your image boundaries, as Photoshop will create whatever you need.

    However, while this feature holds immense potential, many users may initially struggle to unlock its full capabilities. Understanding the ins and outs of Generative Fill is crucial to make the most of this powerful tool and stay ahead of the crowd. Fortunately, this course is the perfect guide to navigate the world of AI image generation in Photoshop.

    Presented in the renowned easy-to-follow style of Colin Smith, an expert with decades of experience and training for major companies like Adobe, Apple, and Nvidia, this course demystifies Generative Fill. Colin’s knack for making complex concepts simple and enjoyable ensures that even newcomers can easily follow along.

    By utilizing Colin’s provided photos, you can engage in step-by-step tutorials that enhance your understanding of this tool. Upon completing the course, you’ll find yourself ahead of the pack, free from any confusion or fear. With a clear understanding of Generative Fill’s capabilities and limitations, you’ll confidently apply it to your own images, whether you’re enhancing photos or creating imaginative works of art. The only limit will be your imagination.

    In summary, Generative Fill AI in Photoshop is a revolutionary addition to the software. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to fully leverage its potential. By enrolling, you’ll gain a competitive edge and unlock new possibilities for your creative endeavours.

  2. Sebastian A (verified owner)

    Overall, I found this course excellent, and well worth the money for my situation. My background is probably quite different from others because I had 5 years of experience creating composite images on an iPad, using an app called SuperimposeX. I was very impressed by photoshop composites, but never tried due to the complexity of Photoshop. When social media started raving about “Generative fill” I devoured 2 dozen You Tube tutorials and learned inpainting, outpainting, replacing etc. on my own very quickly. What I loved about this course is that not only did it combine all the standard generative fill features, but it taught me the essential classic photoshop tools and shortcuts I need to know for terrific composites. It’s like the pareto principle in that it teaches the 20% that affects 80% of the results. I wish the course included a cheat sheet in the PDF of these essential tools, because many of the other tools on standard cheat-sheets are unnecessary and downright intimidating.

  3. Gina Profitt

    I was excited but intimidated by Generative Fill. I had watched You Tube videos showing how it works and frankly I had a lot of questions that’s went unanswered. Then I found Colin’s tutorial and his explanation of how Generative Fill works. I was familiar with Colin’s tutorials but this time I purchased the course. I am so glad that I did. This course describes in detail how to use it, when to use it – is truly outstanding! The class is broken down in segments that make sense and samples are provided. This course is worth every penny and Colin has the ability to explain the process clearly, yes, even if you are a novice at Photoshop. I found the Generative Fill tool fascinating and fun; the possibilities to enhance an image are incredible. This is exactly what I needed. 😊👍🏻

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