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All 5 DJI Intelligent Flight modes, tutorial and review

how to use the DJI Intelligent flight modes for the Phantom 3 and the Inspire 1. Course lock, home lock, follow me, Point of Interest and Waypoints all explained

All 5 DJI Intelligent Flight modes, tutorial and review

DJI introduced the Intelligent flight modes for the Phantom 3 and the Inspire 1 in a recent firmware update.

I took them out for a spin and show you how to use them all. There were some surprises and some fun, check it out.

Course Lock
(Part of the old IOC controls) The drone flies in a straight line (course) no matter what the orientation of the nose is. This allows for some unique shooting opportunities, with a lot of camera mobility, not much different than moving a camera out the side of a helicopter or out of an airplane.

Home Lock
Never lose your drone again. Pull the right lever towards you and the drone will come back to you no matter where it is or what direction it’s facing. You are the hub on a wheel and your drone revolves around you.

Follow Me
Your drone will follow (you) your GPS signal (Must have a wireless signal on your device for this to work). This is a great mode for anyone doing sports or any activity and wants an automated eye in the sky filming you.

Point Of Interest
You choose and object and your Phantom or Inspire 1 will orbit around it while keeping the camera pointed at it at all times. I was able to get some very fast and tight circles with this. Of course, you would normally want slow sweeping arcs for nice video.

The best till last. This is the most anticipated feature for quite some time. It’s a bit different than what I was expecting. It actually works more like the 3DR Cable Cam than the old Phantom 2 waypoints. Rather than adding points on the map, you fly to a point, and press a button on your controller to set the point. You then fly to the next point, and press then button again to set a 2nd, then 3rd.. point, etc. The copter will then fly between the points at a speed of your choosing. The camera can tween in an arc between points, or can be pointed forward at all times. It works very well and you can adjust the gimbal while flying, but you can’t yaw. 3DR Solo still has a 1-up with Cable cam, because it can automate Gimbal tilt, something that the DJI app cannot, at least at this time.

Phantom 3 Pro: 
Phantom 3 Advanced: 
Phantom 3 Standard: 
Phantom 3 4k: 

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  • Iain Ferguson

    Thanks for posting that Up Colin. Had a test of all the Flight Modes today and on my WiFi iPad I managed to get the Follow Me mode working by connecting my iPad to a Bluetooth GPS Receiver (A Dual XGPS 150). I already had the Bluetooth Receiver but getting an external Bluetooth GPS may be a way of getting owners who have WiFi only iPads to work with the DJI Go app 🙂

  • Thanks for the nice and informative post.