Photoshop 2020 Actions and Automation Training Course

with Colin Smith

Actions and Automation in Photoshop 2020

Using Photoshops built in Robots

I have a simple philosophy in Photoshop, if you are doing the same thing over and over, you are doing it wrong. There must be a quicker way. I have observed many people’s workflows and I often cringe. Most people waste too much time, they are spending hours, or even days toiling away for days on tasks that could be easily automated, or performed in a few keystrokes. I too made all those mistakes, and wasted all that time in the past. Slaving away, knowing there must be a better way, but no one showed me.

Some may call it earning your dues. I call it being inefficient. So, I made a point of learning how to work efficiently, after all, I have a computer, shouldn’t that be doing all the heavy lifting for me? I found out almost everything in Photoshop can be automated, and now automation is part of my daily workflow. Now, I go home at a reasonable hour each night and no longer work weekends, (that’s a big deal for a self employed person). Automation isn’t just for the big stuff too, you can be saving time on every image you are working on, even automating small tasks, reducing 10 clicks to a single click.

Best of all, it’s not magic, anyone can learn how to automate their workflow in Photoshop, and I show you exactly how to do it in this new course. It’s actually quite easy once you have things set up and you know how. Automation is a secret that the most efficient pro’s use, but hardly anyone tells you about.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a single image, or a catalog of thousands of images, automation will save you a lot of time and double, triple or even 100X your productivity. If you are doing this professionally, this translates into more income. If you are doing it for fun, you can automate the boring repetitive stuff and save your energy for the stuff you really enjoy working on.

This is one of those times where the time you invest learning will be rewarded back many times over. Don’t waste another second, get Photoshop 2020 Actions and Automation right now.

What’s in this course

This course contains 21 lessons in full HD video. The lessons take you from the beginning; running and creating simple actions that can automate most tasks. You will then learn how to create more complex actions and then batch process them to multiple images. You will become intimately familiar with actions and be creating conditional actions, droplets and even data driven workflows. Yikes, that sounds hard? There is absolutely no programming required and anyone can do it. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop.

Everything we will be doing is currently in Photoshop 2020. We will also be using scripts and workflows to speed up the way you do everyday tasks such as combining all your windows into a single layered document in a few clicks, making and using LUTs, editing a single photo and applying that setting to all the photos in a folder without leaving bridge. You will also learn how to create contact sheets and many more time-slashing things.

You won’t approach Photoshop the same way after this course.

Included in this download

  • 23 videos in Full HD.
  • All the image files Colin Uses
  • Extra files such as the assets for the Variable lesson
  • Action collection with the actions that we make in this course
  • Image Processor Pro script (This is open source)

Lessons include

  1. Managing Actions – Loading and Saving Actions
  1. Running Actions – How to use Actions
  1. Creating actions – Create your first action
  1. Insert Stops – Pausing and inserting instructions in Actions
  1. Creative Actions – The whole process of making actions
  1. Action Options – Summary of options in the Actions Menu
  1. Derivative Actions – How to make new actions from existing actions
  1. Smart Actions – How to make conditional actions that make decisions
  1. Button Mode – A visual way to play back and organize actions
  1. Batch Process – How to apply an action to a group of images
  1. Make an action app – Using droplets we can make a drag and drop action
  1. Actions as robots – Use variables and data sets for mass automation
  1. Image Processor – A way to automate image resizing and formatting
  1. Image Processor Pro – Automating images with extra options
  1. Images to layers – A workflow to put images on layers and back to images
  1. Combine open images – Take all the open windows and make them a single document
  1. Develop settings in Bridge – How to process images without opening them
  1. Batch ACR in Bridge – Adjust one photo from Bridge and then apply the settings to multiple photos
  1. Using LUTS – How to create and use LUTS for instant color effects
  1. Crop and Straighten – Automatically separate ganged scans
  1. Contact Sheet – Automatically create an index of all your images

6 reviews for Photoshop 2020 Actions and Automation Training Course

  1. Bill Phillips (verified owner)

    I decided to try to get to grips with Photoshop during lockdown and have been enjoying Colin’s tutorials I YouTube. So I thought I would take the plunge and try this course. I am really enjoying it and learning a lot about how Photoshop works. The videos are nice bite size pieces and I am able to follow Colin’s clear guidance. So money well spent.

  2. Mary J Wood (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying that Colin is an excellent instructor. Like Bill Phillips above, i too have been enjoying Colin’s tutorials during lockdown. I was really surprised by the material in the “2020 ACTIONS AND AUTOMATION” training course. I had no idea Photoshop has this capability. My next goal is to put this new found knowledge into practice.

  3. robertwarbrick (verified owner)

    Another great tutorial from Colin,i have never bothered much with actions but after watching Colins tutorials i have now made my first two actions.looking forward to learning a lot more.

  4. Ron Stephens (verified owner)

    I have just completed the Photoshop 2020 Actions and Automation course, I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to create a more efficient workflow. It is the most comprehensive and clear course I have found on Photoshop automation and actions. Colin provides a very clear explanation of the steps involved in creating actions. The course also revealed some very useful tips for taking advantage of batch processing and saving layers as files that I hadn’t previously been aware of.
    I regularly crop large numbers of product images for an eCommerce site and Colin’s tip for automating the cropping process has already saved me hours of work, that time saving alone has made the course worth doing.

  5. Tom Feeney (verified owner)

    Although I have not really got into this actions set yet I know it is going to give me what I want. I am a fairly experienced PS user but I always know even on the more basic stuff Colin is going to give me some tips that in the past have made me think out loud ” I did not know that” This course is part of my winter learning here in Scotland during dark nights.
    I will watch the basic stuff as I have said there are often a couple of Eureka moments. However, I use some great panels for luminosity masking and other editing and have often thought I could do with creating my own ‘Action Panels’. This is the first offer I have seen that I think will give me that. So for me this is a bargain to help me greatly with my workflow.
    Many thanks .

  6. Andrea Anderson (verified owner)

    I am relative newcomer to PhotoshopCAFE, but as a self taught Photoshop user, I can say that Colin is THE BEST instructor! He always explains things in detail without giving over to jargon. I have used Actions before but had no idea that Photoshop had the automation capability that Colin demonstrated. I have learned a great deal of very useful information that will help streamline my work considerably.

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