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How to Resize a photo to any size and fill the overcrop with Generative Expand in Photoshop

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Generative Expand makes it easier to expand a photo in Photoshop

Adobe has released another new tool in the Generative ai family. This time, Generative Expand, makes it easier and quick to expand a photo or change its size or shape. See how to get the most out of it here.

How to Change the Shape of a photo and Fill

At this time, this feature is only in Photoshop beta. Here is a short tutorial on how to get the Photoshop beta.

Here is one of my photos. I shot it horizontal, but I want to make it vertical or square, but I don’t want to ruin the shot by cropping anything out. Generative Expand will help.

Choose the Crop tool

You will notice you can choose a ratio from the floating toolbar, or the top toolbar).

We want square so Ill choose 1:1

Drag the crop tool to the crop you want, it will be locked to a square.

You can also reposition the photo within the square.

Press generate

Photoshop will generate the area in the sky and water to expand the photo.

You have 3 variations to choose from the in properties panel.

A couple of notes on this.

First of all, it is the same as generative fill and uses the same algorithm. In fact it is generative fill, but it’s saving you a few steps in making the selections. See how this works in Generative Fill

Because it’s Generative Fill, it still has the resolution limitation of 1024×1024. For posting on social media, this may be fine for some images. Here is how to get higher resolution in Photoshop Generative Fill

Let’s look at other things we can do With Generative Expand.

Crop an image to a specific size

We can crop a photo to an exact size if we want.

Choose the crop tool, make sure Generative Expand is selected. If you don’t see it, make sure you have launched Photoshop beta.

Choose WxHxResolution

Let’s make this new image 4 inches by 5 inches at Print resolution (300 ppi (dpi once printed))

Enter 4in, 5in and 300 for resolution.

Now you will see the crop shape. When you apply this, the selected area will be resized to 4″ x5″ and any transparent areas will be filled by ai generated pixels.

Tip: Tap the x key to toggle between wide and tall.

When you are happy with your crop, apply it by clicking the checkmark at the top, or the Enter/Return key.

And here we have a beautiful crop.

Telling Photoshop what to fill with using prompts

So far, we have filled the edges based on the existing photo, and this will be enough for many people. This is how I will be mainly using it.

However, Generative Expand is capable of more, and I’ll demonstrate here.

Let’s expand this photo, with very specific things, maybe we are making a CD cover, or a Tunecore cover for Spotify/Apple Music. (Tunecore/Apple Music uses 3000 x3000px btw)

Choose the crop tool and expand the image

Let make it fill the top with a mountain scene

Type in Mountains and press Generate

Here we go. Notice it respects the depth of field.This also lets us get away with the lower resolution generation.

Let’s take it further

Choose the crop tool and expand the bottom.

This time, type in lake in the prompt

This is what we get, I love that it even creates the reflection.

Generative Expand in Photoshop, crop photo

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial – I have a full course On Generative Fill if you want to learn ai generation in Photoshop

Drop a comment and let me know if this was helpful.

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11 responses to “How to Resize a photo to any size and fill the overcrop with Generative Expand in Photoshop”

  1. Does anyone know when a working version of Photoshop Beta V25 will be released. The first release did not function i.e. Select and Mask. Adobe are aware of the problem

  2. That looks seriously useful. I had to uninstall PS Beta. It kept opening and grabbing docs I was working on – even though PS 2023 was on, open and working. I’d click an image I created in 2023, and instead of opening in open and working 2023, Beta would begin to open. The only way to open the image I was working on in 2023 was to physically drag and drop it into PS2023 in the dock. Way too much trouble to waste time with. So I hope this process makes it into PS 2023 as a good working tool.

  3. Yes, Colin, helpful as is usual for all your demos. You have presented for our OCMMA groups in the past, many thanks.
    OCMMA as a web presence is going away. We are now two groups – the Digital Creatives and my After Effects Abuser Group. Maybe we can get you to do a zoom presentation at some point in the near future….?

  4. Thank you Colin! Great stuff. However I have a problem … I enlarged a photo to 32 x 9 and saved it as a jpg. The process worked well, but when I tried to use it as a background across 2 screens (done it with other photos before) it reverted to the original 16 x 9 photo on each screen. Any ideas why?

  5. Colin, great video as always. Testing this on a high res raw file saved as PSD (300 resolution), I’m seeing that the expanded area is a significantly lower resolution than the original. I was aware of this limitation previously but was hoping Adobe had solved it for this capability.

  6. I am having trouble with Photoshop Beta Not opening photos from Lightroom Classic Command E or from Photo menu .Can you suggest any reason for this, I some times get a message back in LR that Beta can not be opened, but it is already open ???
    Help please

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