Compositing Secrets in Photoshop, the Story Art Method

with Karen Alsop

In this video you will learn how to tell compelling stories, by combining photographs in Photoshop. Karen Alsop, founder of Story Art in Australia, takes you through the entire process of making this Hey Diddle Diddle inspired piece.

Karen takes you out on the field (literally), as she photographs the animals and people to be used in the composite. Learn how to plan a project like this and also the steps to executing that plan. The majority of the time is spent in Photoshop. Learn how to cleanly cut out difficult subjects like animals with fur. Build a background plate, mash people and animals together and bring the magic by creating atmosphere and the right color to set the mood.

This video is just under 3 hours and is packed with information and tips, so that you can create stunning composites of your own! This video is made in Photoshop CC, but will work on all versions of Photoshop (Except Photoshop Elements).

All the photographs are included, so you can follow along step-by-step at your own pace!

Note: This is Intermediate/Advanced level training. (Check out Sky City Project for Beginner/Intermediate)

See what’s on this video course


Background Details

Techniques for creating the background plate


Bring in Subjects

Beginning to bring the subjects into the background


Shooting Characters

Behind the scenes with Karen, shooting the models for the cat, dish and spoon


Creating a Cat Person

How to combine a cat and a human in Photoshop


The Moon

Preparing the moon for our composite


Dish and Spoon

Turning 2 people into a dish and a spoon in Photoshop


Little Dog Shoot

Behind the scenes with the little dog shoot


Little Dog Laughs

Compositing the dog and making it laugh in Photoshop


The Cow Shoot

Behind the scenes shooting the cow, and a horse!


Find Inspiration

Karen uses Pinterest as a tool to organize and find ideas and inspiration


Jumping Cows

Making the cow jump over a moon in Photoshop


Star Brush

Adding the stars in the night sky

The final Project



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