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How to Swap faces in Photoshop tutorial

How to Swap faces in Photoshop, easy method.

There are many reasons people need to do face swap in Photoshop. Maybe you have a group photo and not everyone likes their expression. Easy fix, just take the expression you like, and drop it into the group shot. Ill show you how to do that here. Maybe you have the perfect pose, but the person is squinting, just take the non squinting face and copy it over. Perhaps you are thinking of a new hairstyle, try it on in Photoshop  and go to the stylist with confidence, or avoid a mistake. You will find many uses for this face swap tutorial in Photoshop CC. This tutorial will work in any version, Face Aware Liquify is only in CC.

Swapping faces for group shots

In this tutorial, we will copy a face from one group photo to another and also make people smile in face aware liquify.

Placing a face onto a different body

This is one of those fundamental tasks that everyone needs to do in Photoshop at some point or another.


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