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How to use ai powered face retouching in Photoshop Camera RAW and Lightroom

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1 Click skin retouching in Adobe Camera Raw

How to use the ai masks in Photoshop and Lightroom for fast retouching

These steps are the same in Lightroom.



9 responses to “How to use ai powered face retouching in Photoshop Camera RAW and Lightroom”

  1. Great presentation, as always! Are the adaptive presets available in the preset dropdown once in Masking? I’m not finding them but might not be looking in the right place.

  2. when I open the camera raw filter I don’t have a pre sets tab. I am using photoshop ver 24.0.1. could you please have a guess as to what I am doing wrong. I did load an image of just a ladies face and head-but still no pre sets tab.

  3. I always learn something from you, Colin, and although I’ve been using the new Ai function in LR to mask people, I did not know that you can create separate masks until you pointed it out. A big time saver for me. I also did not check out the presets, which I will do now.

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