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How to get better Generative Fill results in Photoshop. 2 important tips for generative ai

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How to get much better results with Generative Fill in Photoshop

I’ve heard from some people that they are struggling to get good results in Photoshops new Generative Fill ai.

Are your results looking weird like this?

At this time, this feature is only in Photoshop beta. Here is a short tutorial on how to get the Photoshop beta.

This is coming down to 2 main things.


People are using the selection tool wrong. It’s not about making perfect selections, it’s about defining where you want the object, what size it will be and hinting at the shape. Watch the video above and you will be very surprised!


Prompt words

Don’t tell Photoshop; “Make that bigger”, “change the x to y”, etc

Instead use between 1 – 8 words.

Tell it what you want, the noun. For example, cat, car, boat etc.

Give it properties of the noun. For example, red, old, plastic, fancy etc

When I get time, I’ll flesh out the rest of the written steps. For now, watch the short video.

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10 responses to “How to get better Generative Fill results in Photoshop. 2 important tips for generative ai”

  1. Colin,
    Words are very important. I was shooting large sunrise landscapes and could not frame the shot without the trees in it. So I selected the trees and tried several words to replace the trees–nothing was working until I chose Background. It was 95% effective.

  2. Collin, That is the greatest tutorial!! I’ve seen many, many tutorials on this new tool, but none of the presenters mentioned the shape of the selection!!! What’s up with that?! Do they just want us fumbling around and the dump the whole generate system? Thank you for bringing this up!

  3. This is really helpful. Do you have any idea when Generative Fill will be moved out of Beta?

  4. Colin, these tools are amazing. I think back to Photoshop 5.5 and then look at where we are now. Some images that used to cause much grief are now so easy to edit. What next I ask.

  5. Very interesting. I tried a long shape on top of the amp, I get a 2 head cat!! Very funny.

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