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Photoshop has 5 INSTANT AI Cutouts. Including the hidden one.

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See the 5 different algorithms Photoshop uses to make cutouts and remove backgrounds.

The auto selections is Photoshop.

I forgot to add cloud processing through a drop down in the select subject.

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13 responses to “Photoshop has 5 INSTANT AI Cutouts. Including the hidden one.”

  1. Interesting,but useful? Please do a compare to see if the results are different and if one method seems to always be better? Or use any because they are all the same result? And/or are any of these better for further selection adjustments to get a better result? or are further improvements all done same way and have same results? or is there a best way to select and then improve the selection?

  2. I’m in a sports project taking athletes in poses and then per the school’s request putting then on a complete white background. I’ve tried all 5 cutouts and for the most part, all have worked well with minimal adjustments. I’m having a nightmare of a problem that I cannot solve. I’ve trying to select a fencer but their sword is too thin, I cannot get it to give me a complete, straight blade. I’ve tried to add/subtract with the object selection tool, quick selection tool, erasing, painting, etc. I am a beginner using masks and have done fairly well with other sports with minimal difficulties. I just completed a hockey shoot and had some issues with the blade of the stick when it was on it’s side (thin) and the point of it with little contrast. Could you possibly reply with some suggestions. Thank you.

    • Use a brush on a layer mask. Set the size to the same as the blade. Click at the beginning of the blade, Hold Shift and click at the end of the blade and a straight libe will be drawn

  3. Where on earth do you find the OBJECT selection tool? I have the latest PS – cannot find it. To succeed as an instructor you need to ensure that those you wish to instruct can follow what you are doing.

    • Its under quick selection.
      If you have restored an old desktop preset, it won’t show because that tool didn’t exist in the past. I have made tutorials on how to show the object selection tool. I can’t possibly offer trouble shooting at the beginning of every tutorial or no one would watch them and I’d get the “video starts at…” comments.

  4. Really appreciate this quick overview. Knowing the choices, before-hand, helps to decide which selection-method might be best depending on the image, etc., . Thank-you!

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