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ANIME BEADS Photoshop Tutorial

I received a request from the forum for this effect from one of our Members living in Japan. This is a technique that is all the rage over there. Not knowing what is effect is called, I decided to dub it the “Anime Bead” effect. Enjoy!

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Reflections in Photoshop Tutorial, graphics and text

Here we will learn how to get realistic mirror reflections in photoshop. This will work for any object, not just for text. Here is another example. There are many variations of this effect, for the sake of illustration we will use the text.

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Outline text in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a fun little tutorial that will show you how to make chrome outlines around your text. Have fun and experiment!

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Rusted Type Photoshop Tutorial

There are many methods to creating rust in Photoshop. Here is one way to make rusted type. We can make our text look weathered with a little effort.

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Plastic Engraved type in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial

How to embed type in photoshop. Heres a tutorial that will how you how to carve your mark. This is so simple it should be illegal.

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Reflective Liquid type Photoshop Tutorial

Tutorials on creating metal type abound online, as do variations on simple liquid effects. Most are fairly short, offering a good foundation for the reader on how certain effects are achieved but fail to take that extra step (or few steps) to make the piece really shine…

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3D Effect using Channels Photoshop Tutorial

This is how you get the 3D look using channels. By creating a bump map and transfering it to an alpha channel, unexpected results can follow.

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Texturing Type Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop has a very powerful addition to the Layer Styles that is grossly overlooked, but if you are into dynamic typography, interface design or realistic effects for your creations, mastering the Pattern Overlay feature is a must.

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Metal and Glass Layer style basics in Photoshop

Nearly anyone can create a bevel on type, but not many realize that from this foundation we can create glass, plastic, metal, or something that looks out of this world.

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Getting started with Layer styles, Photoshop Tutorial

Maybe you are unfamiliar with Layer Styles as yet, and so I’ll cover them briefly. Layer Styles are simply groups of commands saved as a preset, that may be instantly applied to type or a filled selection in Photoshop.

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Texturing your way to 3D Photoshop Tutorial

Let’s talk some more about texturing, this time working with an interface style image over several layers. Photoshop 6 layer styles allow us to do some fantastic effects with patterns, and I want to address some of those effects here. What better way to do that than to show you first hand?

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