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How to make rock text and fill text with an image in Photoshop

How to fill text with an image and make rock text in Photoshop

There are so many things for you to learn in this Photoshop tutorial. We are making stone text or rock text. But really you will be learning a lot of different things including

  • How to fill text with an image using Frames in Photoshop CC 2019
  • How to distress text
  • How to make a custom Brush
  • How to make a custom texture
  • How to use layer styles

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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8 responses to “How to make rock text and fill text with an image in Photoshop”

  1. I like outdoor photography: old structures, city buildings and, yes, nature during my hiking trips. All of which are an opportunity for me to put a serious twist on when editing,

  2. Nice tutorial Colin. I’ve been using PS for quite a few years and never used a Frame before – shock, horror.
    This technique is really useful. Thank you. I’m halfway through the Lightroom Classic course already and learning tons of stuff.
    BTW I very pleased to see you actually play that guitar (pretty well as it happens) and that it’s not just supercool wall art. Luvin’ those pinched harmonics.

  3. Superb tutorial par excellence. I love the shortcuts, they simply my processes. A thousand thanks!!!

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