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Faking motion in a Photograph, Photoshop Tutorial

We start with a photograph on a car that is stationary and then make it look like it’s moving in Photoshop. (See the bottom of the page to download the photo)

This is a trick I have been using for a number of years, and frankly, its a lot of fun to do. Check out the video and learn how to put this car into motion

How to put a still subject into motion!

Basically, we are going to cut out the car and put it on a new layer. Ill show you quick select and refine edge, as well as how to do it with the pen tool, by making paths.

Then we blur the background with a motion Blur. We then blend the 2 layers together to add the appearance of motion. A little extra work is done to fix the windows. I show you how to darken the windows, so the lack of driver isn’t a problem. I also show how to make the windows transparent, but still having the appearance of glass. Finally, we need to spin the wheels. I cover 2 ways of doing it. We do the traditional way that works on all versions of Photoshop. We then look at a newer way that works only in photoshop CC.

I hope you enjoy this. Check out all the new, free tutorials here on photoshopCAFE.

You can grab my practice Photo here (Educational use only please).

free practice photo, make a car move in photoshop
Click for full size image (2,000 px) feel free to use it to follow along with this PhotoshopCAFE tutorial.

Till next time, Colin


8 responses to “Faking motion in a Photograph, Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. The videos are very helpful and give a good visualization, but I still need a written tutorial to use while I am working in Photoshop. I cannot watch the video while I am working and get it to my place in the operation. I always enjoy learning something new from your tutorials.

  2. Great tutorial…. thanks Colin, let me share it!!
    Disclosure: I am an Adobe Community Professional and as such am always looking for resources to use in helping users.

  3. I like your photo manipulations, I tried to make also but my experience was failed, Photoshop is too hard for me to learn 🙂 For such effects I just use apps or I send my photos to online photo retouching services like FixThePhoto

  4. Brilliant…. Little touches make all the difference, I’m just an enthusiastic photoshopper manipulating my own photos ….you’ve made such a difference in a short space of time …Thank -you so much.

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