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Make photo edges in Photoshop tutorial

Here is a sports photo that I shot using a quadcopter. Its a beach basketball player at Laguna beach who agreed to let me film him in action. What if I want add a High Energy photo edge to this photo for some extra punch? This tutorial shows you how to make your own photo edges in photoshop.


Step 1

Make a selection around the inside of the image


Step 2

Invert the selection Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+I


Step 3

edges003Press the quickmask button on the tools palette or just press the “Q” key




Step 4

You can really use any filter at this point.  Now that we have a quick mask, we essentially have a selection that we can apply filters to.

Filter>Filter Gallery

Choose Distort>Glass and makes some settings similar to what we have here.



Step 5

Click ok and Here is the filter applied to the quick mask.


Step 6

Turn off the quick mask using the button or pressing “Q”

Invert the selection so that the inside of the photograph is selected. Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+I


Step 7

Lets copy the selection to a new layer, Press the Ctrl/Cmd+J keys

Hide the background layer to reveal our effect



Step 8

Fill the background with white.



Extra credit

You can use different types of filters on the selection. Play around and discover some favorites of your own.  Here is one variation using the Ripple filter.





Try adding an adjustment layer between the cut out and original images for some interesting effects.

edges16 edges15

Here is our image with the new edge, Experiment with different filters and have fun. Post your results for us to praise 🙂

See you at the CAFE


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