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Double Bevelled Outlines Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1


Start with your shape on a new layer. Try experimenting with a shape of your own.

I drew this with the polygon lasso tool an filled it with green.

Step 2

outline002 Make a selection around your object. Ctrl/Cmd+Click on the layer Thumbnail.

Step 3



I chose 10 pixels

Step 4


Your selection is now contracted.

Step 5


Now to make the groove.

I chose 5 pixels

Step 6

outline006You should see the double selection now.

Step 7


outline007Press the delete/backspace key to erase the object on the selection.


Step 8


Now to add the bevel:

Add the layer styles (press the little f on the bottom of the layers palette.)

Choose the inner bevel option

*Optional: add a drop shadow too.


Step 9

outline009And the shape is now bevelled!

If you want you can add some text, select it, switch to the object layer and hit del/backspace to chisel out some text.





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