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Secret slider for better Black and White in Lightroom

How to get the best Black and White conversion in Lightroom in 2 minutes

Here is a quick tip for making black & White photos in Lightroom, including a slider that makes a bigger difference than any of the others. The weird thing is this slider isn’t a black and white slider.

I hope you enjoyed this quick Lightroom Tutorial.

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10 responses to “Secret slider for better Black and White in Lightroom”

  1. Thanks, Colin — Also, a slight bump (either way, as desired) with the Dehaze slider can sometimes serve as a final touch! 🙂

  2. Hi Colin,
    Nope! I’ve never used the Temp and Tint sliders for Blk and Wht! I will now … Thanks for the Tip.

  3. Thanks Colin, I had noticed the temp and tint sliders were “available” but hadn’t thought to try them in B&W! Thanks, cool tip!

  4. Great tip. I never thought of using the color sliders. Also using the color picker icon for idividual colors is sosmart.

  5. Thanx for the excellent little tutorial Colin. Tint and Temperature sliders are something I’m assuming most, if not all of us would not have given a second thought to in editing for black & white photography. What great tools!

  6. Will this work in CS6 camera raw?
    Also does the button exist for clicking on a colour and then altering the B&W tone by dragging left or right?

  7. Taking a B&W class now and will definitely try the temp and tint sliders. Thanks for the great tips.

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