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How to use Boris FX Optics Photoshop plugin

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A newer kid on the block, but packing some punch, Boris FX are well known for their video filters used on TV and movie production. They ported over some of their most popular filters for use in Photoshop / Lightoom and bundled it all together into an impressive set of tools called Optics. I previously did a review, but have been asked for tutorials for you guys.  So I made a nice tutorial that walks through the core features.

Tutorial on using Boris Effects, Optics Photoshop plugin. 

How to use Boris FX Optics to add visual effects and color grading to images.

This Optics tutorial by Colin Smith walks you though the core functionality of this powerful Photoshop plugin as well as using some of the most popular filters.

You will learn:

  • How to work with Optics layers,
  • Making and reusing Boris FX masks,
  • Light and shadow effects with  gobos
  • Make lens flare effects
  • Using the ice and other light effects
  • Apply a different color presets to the foreground and background, using film looks and movie presets.

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Let me know if you would like to see more of these types of tutorials.

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4 responses to “How to use Boris FX Optics Photoshop plugin”

  1. Please do some more on Boris FX. Directed to less intuitive folks … :-). Maybe go through your favorite filters and to pick a certain filter. What goes through your mind type of stuff.

  2. Thanks so much for this one, Colin! And for the LFL session on Boris. I am completely smitten with it and have bought the Optics….and my family may never see me again because I will be glued to my computer.

  3. Another good tutorial Colin, you always seem to make it easy to listen to and follow. As usual, after I go through the lesson and learn another step, I go back to your tut and go again. After a few attempts it suddenly becomes much easier to mask and add an effect. I don,t use Optics on every photo, but your lesson certainly made it an easier choice.

  4. Thanks Colin another good tutorial. I bought Optics and then had to find out how to use it. Your lesson greatly helped me out. Don,t use it for for all my photos but your lesson certainly made it an easier choice for me.

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