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Photoshop Masking tips ft, Colin Smith (PhotoshopCAFE) + Jesus Ramirez (Photoshop Training Channel)

Top 3 Masking Tips for Photoshop

I recently say down with Jesus Ramirez and we shared our masking tips while we were at Vid Summit last week. There are 2 video here where we give 3 of our best tips each.

This is the first video where Jesus shares 2 tips and I  (Colin Smith) share one.

On the second video, I share 2 tips and Jesus shares one on masking in Photoshop.


I hope you all enjoyed this weeks tutorial here at the CAFE.

I enjoy making these for you. As time permits, I’ll keep making one each week. Drop a comment and let me know what you would love to learn in photoshop. Also don’t forget to check out my premium tutorials, it’s what supports this website and enables me to do what I do,

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3 responses to “Photoshop Masking tips ft, Colin Smith (PhotoshopCAFE) + Jesus Ramirez (Photoshop Training Channel)”

  1. My two favorite photoshop teachers together. My heart be still. You guys teach so well and with kindness and respect
    I wish I could treat you both out for dinner. You both are the best. Please do this more. Great instruction.

  2. Many thanks to you both for your tutorials! They’re always informative and given so that beginners and novices are able to follow your instructions and learn. Thanks and please continue to!!

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