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Photoshop colorize neural filter, 3 tips for total control over color

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I have been experimenting with the amazing colorize ai powered filter added to Photoshop. I discovered a few things that will really help you take full control over colorizing images. This works to colorize black and white, or color images.

The 3 things you will learn in this video are:

  • How to tell Colorize what colors to use, even multiple colors.
  • How to restore original colors exactly where you want
  • How to touch up with any color you want, wherever you want.

I hope you enjoy this little Photoshop Tutorial.




4 responses to “Photoshop colorize neural filter, 3 tips for total control over color”

  1. Yep, It’s brilliant. It can even sense the ethnicity of the person in the photo when you colorize a mono image.

  2. Great tutorial and they keep getting better. .Is it possible to download this image so I can follow l along.

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