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New in Lightroom, Texture: Soften Skin + enhance details.

Lightroom has just received updates including an exciting new texture slider.

May, 2019: Lightroom (mobile) is now Lightroom 2.3, Lightroom Classic CC is now Lightroom Classic 8.3 and ACR is 11.3.

The big new feature is texture. This enables us to soften skin, hair and other things by moving the slider to the left.

We can also enhance texture and details in photos by moving the slider to the right. I have to say, this is a killer feature that I’ll be using a lot. When you use clarity, it also affects shadows and contrast. The Texture slider just effects details in the medium frequencies in the image. (High frequency is fine details, low frequency is the smooth areas in a photo). All of this and more is explained and demonstrated in my video.



What do you think of this change? Let me know! Also check out my comprehensive Lightroom Classic training. 




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6 responses to “New in Lightroom, Texture: Soften Skin + enhance details.”

  1. Thanks Colin, another really useful tutorial and I look forward to experimenting with the new slider. Also wanted to let you know that your efforts in making tutorials is very much apreciated. Keep up the good work – Philip from the UK

  2. This the effect I was always trying to achieve with Clarity but never getting there. Great job Adobe! Thanks Colin for sharing once again.

  3. Thanks again for the new info…I hope Lightroom does not confuse us anymore..your explanation was great🙃Of course, knowing about the new Texture slider is a real bonus, I have not upgraded yet to .3 , I guess I will now. Great info once again for your Cafe Crew members! Thanks

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