Lightroom Classic for Digital Photographers

with Colin Smith
126 Lessons All lesson images provided Bonus: 30 Presets Bonus: 8 Custom Color Profiles PDF Table of contents and Quick Reference

Do you need to Learn Lightroom Classic? I mean, really learn it. Are you frustrated because your Lightroom catalog is a mess? Maybe you just want to make your photos look better (how about a LOT better, like the ones you see “rockstar photographers” doing). Imagine having all of your photographs perfectly organized and being able to find what you want instantly. Imagine being able to quickly make your photographs look pristine or even push it a little bit beyond the normal, with confidence.

Maybe you have tried other training and it was incomplete, scattered and confusing. You just wished someone would tell you HOW to do it but also explain WHY something works, so you can reproduce it on your own library of photographs. I’m going to guess you are also tired of heady, overly techinal instruction and just want a knowledagable  friend to sit down and explain Lightroom to you.

This is what makes this training so unique. You have an award winning (3X Guru award, Time Magazine, PPA awarded) expert, who is known for his calm, conversational style, that is friendly and easy to understand and follow. This training is now in its 7th version and has been completely (every single lesson) recoded from the ground up for Lightroom Classic. We didn’t assume we know everything about your needs. We asked the community (you were possibly one of them) specifically what they struggle with the most and need to learn. We received hundreds of responses and acted on it. As a result, we beefed up the areas that people struggle with the most and produced this, what we believe to be the most complete, finest Lightroom Classic training anywhere.

In 126 digestible lessons, we will go though Lightroom Classic together in depth. This 14 hour course will train you as well as serve as a valuable reference library for the future. We go beyond just the tools (they are all explained of course). You will learn workflows and strategies. How to build catalogs and organize your photos. How to find anything. How to migrate to different computers or hard drives. How to find missing images. How to clean up your Catalog and how to structure it in the first place. Workflows and steps to fix and polish your photos and videos (yes, videos). How to add the finishing touches to make your images stand out from the rest and quickly retouch and finesse details. How to automate many things to shave hours off your workflow. The steps for printing and outputting books, slideshows and much more.

If you are a complete beginner, you won’t be left behind, if you are more experienced, you will love learning the new tools and workflows of Lightroom Classic as  well as lots of hidden and undocumented tips and tricks.

No matter your level, you can quickly master Lightroom Classic with effortless ease.

This is the most comprehensive video on the market for Lightroom. This 7th edition is recorded in beautiful HD from the ground-up for Lightroom Classic. Learn how to import, organize, develop and output all your captures with effortless ease. Enjoy in-depth coverage, pro techniques, secret tips and Colin’s way of breaking down even the most complex tasks into quick and easy to understand techniques. You’ll spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the camera!

If you are new to Digital Photography,an old-hand or someone looking to learn the “correct” way of doing things, look no further. Watch over Colin’s shoulder as he demystifies Lightroom. You’ll learn all the shortcuts, tips and tricks from a true expert. Do you ever get frustrated with tutorials that don’t work in the real world? In many cases Colin shows you multiple methods so that you can choose the one that’s best for your photo. This is not like other training videos. The techniques aren’t from a classroom bubble. This is what works today in the real-world. There are no monotone presentations with boring uninspiring images. You’ll learn tons, you’ll have fun and most of all you’ll be inspired. See why millions of people are passionate about PhotoshopCAFE training. (30,000,000 to date).

This complete training course contains 14 hours and 126 lessons of Full HD Video.

If you take photos: Beginner to professional, this is the training you have been waiting for. You’ll not only learn the HOWS, you’ll understand the WHYS!


Sample Catalog with Exercise files so you can follow along. 

Special Bonus: 30 Lightroom Classic Presets and 8 Custom Color Profiles included!

PDF Table of contents and Quick Reference guide so you can easily find what you need. 

Download right now and begin your journey in Lightroom Classic today!

You aren’t alone, join the millions of photographers who are part of the PhotoshopCAFE community!

The complete training for Lightroom Classic CC (New 2019 version)


Getting Started

LESSON 0. Getting Started
Set up exercise files, import sample catalog + presets (5:40)

Lightroom in a nutshell (8:18)

LESSON 2. Birdseye view of workflows
Entire lifecycle of an image from import to output (21:35)

LESSON 3. Preferences
Essential Lightroom preferences (12:18)

Raw files explained (5:53)

LESSON 5. XMP sidecars
Understand XMP, your key to sharing raw files outside Lightroom (5:38)

What is DNG and how Lightroom can help (7:35)

LESSON 7. Importing from a card
How to import images from your camera card (12:11)

LESSON 8. Importing Locally
Import images from your internal/external drive (3:49)

LESSON 9. Auto Import
Set up a watch folder to automatically import images (4:20)

LESSON 10. Tethered Shooting
Connect your camera to shoot directly into Lightroom

LESSON 11. Create custom Identity Plates
Customizing  your name, logo and end markers (3:47)

LESSON 12. Panel Management
Tips and tricks for working with panels (8:47)


LESSON 13. Volume Browser
Viewing disks and space remaining (4:12)

LESSON 14. View Options
The best ways to view your photos (5:57)

LESSON 15. Library Filmstrip
That filmstrip at the bottom is really useful (6:23)

LESSON 16. Grid View
Working with Grid view, thumbnails and view options (6:00)

LESSON 17. Stacking
Making molehills out of mountains (8:17)

LESSON 18. Auto Stacking
Automatically stack photos by capture time (5:45)

LESSON 19. Lights Out Mode
Viewing your photos on a virtual light box (1:44)

LESSON 20. Loupe
Get a closer look at your images (3:32)

LESSON 21. Compare
Comparing 2 images to choose the best one (3:14)

LESSON 22. Survey View
Viewing multiple images at once (2:32)

LESSON 23. Understanding Previews
How previews work, make them efficient (5:34)

LESSON 24. Smart Previews
Work on your images without them being physically present (5:44)

LESSON 25. Dual Monitors
Working on Multiple monitors (5:52)


LESSON 26. Catalogs
Setting up your Catalogs (5:13)

LESSON 27. Upgrading Catalogs
Upgrading Older Catalogs (4:40)

LESSON 28. Export catalogs
Export Catalogs from Lightroom (8:19)

LESSON 29. Merging Catalogs
Managing your images on 2 computers  (10:21)

LESSON 30. Catalog change disk
How to add or rename a drive without breaking things (3:22)

LESSON 31. Catalog move to other computer
How to move to a new computer (9:05)

LESSON 32. Find Missing images
How to locate and relink missing images (4:17)

LESSON 33. Lightroom CC/Mobile
How to sync Lightroom Classic with Lightroom CC/Mobile (6:04)

LESSON 34. Folders
How to manage and use folders (4:10)

LESSON 35. Collections
How collections become your main organization tool (9:20)

LESSON 36. Quick and Target Collections
A neat way of speeding up organization (5:51)

LESSON 37. Smart Collection
Automatically create live collections (3:26)

LESSON 38. Backup
Backup catalogs and your images (6:57)


LESSON 39. Metadata
Understand metadata and apply it to your photos (6:22)

LESSON 40. Metadata Templates
Save metadata templates and presets, then re-use them (3:20)

LESSON 41. Rating, Flag, Label options
Ratings, flags and labels options (4:35)

LESSON 42. Ratings
Rate your photos (7:25)

LESSON 43. Flags
Use flags to mark photos (4:11)

LESSON 44. Labels
Identify photos with colored labels (5:02)

LESSON 45. Filter Bar
Find anything with the Filter Bar (9:21)

LESSON 46. Keyword basics
How to use keywords to organize images (7:25)

LESSON 47. Suggested Keywords
Use the new Suggested Keyword feature (1:42)

LESSON 48. Keyword sets
Save time with custom keyword sets (5:01)

LESSON 49. Painter tool
Using the painter tool to turbocharge your multiple image workflow (5:13)

LESSON 50. Facial recognition
Setup and training Lightroom to find and sort faces (6:54)

LESSON 51. Time Change
Sync the time-zone of your photos (3:31)


LESSON 52. Straighten
Level crooked horizons (3:54)

LESSON 53. Cropping
Crop to specific sizes and for creativity (4:38)

LESSON 54. Lens Corrections
Fix keystoning and barreling (5:51)

LESSON 55. Camera Calibration
Choose the process version and compensate for camera color (2:52)

LESSON 56. Color readout See the color values of images (3:07)

LESSON 57. Histogram
Histograms explained and used (5:35)

LESSON 58. White Balance
Remove color casts from photos (3:11)

LESSON 59. Quick Develop
Making adjustments in the Library panel (2:20)

LESSON 60. Auto Corrections
1-Click fixes, how to fine tune auto corrections (1:36)

LESSON 61. Basic Adjustments
Basic Adjustments panel explained (21:30)

LESSON 62. Curves
Understanding and using curves for targeted adjustments (18:47)

LESSON 63. Color control
Use HSL and color control (6:50)

LESSON 64. Dehaze
Cut through haze and fog, or add some for effect (2:13)

LESSON 65. Noise reduction
Remove the grainy noise from a photo (6:02)

LESSON 66. Chromatic Aberration
Removing color fringes (5:16)

LESSON 67. Sharpening
Make your photos nice and sharp (5:03)

LESSON 68. Fix Dark Photos
How to rescue a dark, underexposed image (3:53)

LESSON 69. Fix Overexposure
How to rescue a bright, overexposed image (4:57)

LESSON 70. Virtual copies
Working on duplicate versions without filling up your hard drive (3:07)

LESSON 71. Batch processing
Save time by editing multiple images at once (3:19)

LESSON 72. History
Use history as an advanced undo (2:46)

LESSON 73. Snaphots
Experiment with different edits and easily revert back (5:03)

LESSON 74. Black and White
Enhance and convert  black & white (7:18)

LESSON 75. Split tone
Color tint black and white images (3:20)

LESSON 76. Cross Processing
Using Split-tone on color images for a cross-processed effect (7:30)

LESSON 77. Presets
1-click effects with presets, how to make your own (8:15)

LESSON 78. Loading Presets. How to install presets into Lightroom (3:00)

LESSON 79. Loading Color Profiles How to install custom color profiles in Lightroom (1:56)



LESSON 80. Redeye
Get rid of the dreaded redeye with ease (3:19)

LESSON 81. Retouch faces
Reduce blemishes, wrinkles, whiten eyes and teeth (8:12)

LESSON 82. Cloning and Healing
Remove anything from a photo (6:22)

Selective Adjustments

LESSON 83. Adjustment Brush
Adjustment brush deep dive, paint on adjustments (17:08)

LESSON 84. Dodge and Burn
Add 3D depth and make your photo pop with dodge & burn (19:54)

LESSON 85. Gradient Adjustment
Seamlessly adjust skies and more with the gradient tool (5:21)

LESSON 86. Radial Filter
Change the lighting to your landscape photos (6:27)

LESSON 87. Advanced Radial
Add a spotlight with range masking to isolate the light (2:39)

LESSON 88. Range Masking
Selectively apply adjustments to specific regions automatically (8:38)

LESSON 89. Range Masking Depth Map
Smartphone Depthmap (HEIC image) mask objects (5:36)

LESSON 90. Lens Vignette
Compensating for lens vignette. Add a vignette for a creative feel (3:49)

LESSON 91. Special FX High Impact
Adding special effects for a high impact special effect (5:34)

LESSON 92. Special FX Vintage effects
Create a vintage effect, including light leaks (5:44)

Advanced Adjustments

LESSON 93. Lightroom and Photoshop
How to use Photoshop and Lightroom together (7:34)

LESSON 94. Photoshop RAW
Maintaining Lightroom edits in Photoshop with Smart Objects (7:01)

Create High Dynamic Range photos in Lightroom (6:55)

LESSON 96. Panorama
Stitching a panoramic Image in Lightroom (6:24)

LESSON 97. Advanced Panorama
Multi-layered panoramas and fix keystone (6:38)

LESSON 98. HDR Panorama Auto
Make an HDR panorama automatically (4:37)

LESSON 99. HDR Panorama Manual
Manually create an HDR panorama (7:56)


LESSON 100. Video Intro
An intro to working with video in Lightroom (2:28)

LESSON 101. Video Color Grading
Creative and cinematic color adjustments to videos (5:29)

LESSON 102. Combine Video
Trimming and combining video shots (4:34)


LESSON 103. Video Export
Encoding videos from Lightroom Classic (3:10)

LESSON 104. Watermarks
Create Watermarks that can be used all over Lightroom (6:54)

LESSON 105. Exporting images
How to produce photos for social, web, multimedia, print etc. (11:52)

LESSON 106. Exporting Presets
Automate the process of exporting your photos (4:26)

LESSON 107. Email Photo
email photos from Lightroom (3:14)

LESSON 108. Maps
Geotagging your photos using built in google maps (11:40)


LESSON 109. Soft Proof
Prepare your images for printing (7:00)

LESSON 110. Printing
How to print correctly from Lightroom (9:37)

LESSON 111. Picture Package/Contact Sheets
Making picture packages and contact sheets (18:10)

LESSON 112. Custom Layouts
Layout pages for books or printing/exporting (5:55)


LESSON 113. Impromptu Slideshow
A quick slideshow from anywhere (2:59)

LESSON 114. Slideshows
Setting up a slideshow (5:00)

LESSON 115. Customize Slideshow
Customize your slideshows (20:53)

LESSON 116. Slideshow Custom Text
Adding custom text to slideshows (9:13)

LESSON 117. Pan and zoom
Add an animated Ken Burns effect to photos (4:20)

LESSON 118. Slideshow Video
Use videos in slideshows (2:21)

LESSON 119. Music to Slideshows
Add music to your slideshow presentations (6:17)

LESSON 120. Export Slideshows
Exporting slideshows for use online or presentations (6:17)


LESSON 121. Book Overview
Getting started with books, use Auto Layout (9:31)

LESSON 122. Custom Layouts
Customize photo and page layouts (16:39)

LESSON 123. Text and finishing Book
Work with text and finishing techniques for books (16:00)


LESSON 124. Web Galleries
Make a webpage, overview of web galleries (2:20)

LESSON 125. Build a Web Gallery
Creating and publishing a web gallery (21:25)

LESSON 126. Thanks and Goodbye (1:13)

Previous version of the training have twice won      Hot One awards as the best training video of the year from (PPA) Professional Photographer’s of America

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    Susan Kenzle (verified owner)

    I just completed this excellent training. I highly recommend it for anyone just learning Lightroom or for those with intermediate LR skills. Colin presents the 126 bite-sized lessons in an easily understandable manner, and with the provided images, templates, etc. one can follow along with each tutorial to learn-as-you-go.

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