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New Features in Lightroom Classic CC

What’s new in Lightroom Classic?

I have made a little video here that shows you all thats new in Lightroom Classic CC

What’s New In Lightroom Classic CC

The biggest update to Lightroom Classic (the artist formally known as CC) is speed. Improved performance in the following areas:

  • Application launch time
  • Preview generation
  • Import and culling workflow with “Embedded & Sidecar” preview option
  • Switching between Library and Develop Module
  • Moving from photo to photo in the Develop Module
  • More responsive brushing

Range Masking: This allows for really accurate masking in Lightroom, beyond what you could do with auto mask. This feature alone makes it an exciting upgrade. Just like we would use the color range tool in Photoshop for selections, we can now use color and tone to detect edges and make clean masks. These masks work with all the local adjustment tools; Radial Gradient, Graduated Filter, and Local Adjustment Brush.


Comprehensive training on Lightroom 6, A-Z here.

Where is CC? What is Classic? What happened?


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5 responses to “New Features in Lightroom Classic CC”

  1. Range mask: Great tutorial. I was totally unaware of this new feature until I saw this video…thank you very much….

  2. Great info. And Range Mask is my new best friend! Using several examples of how to use it really helps my learning. Thanks, Colin.

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