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Multiple open photos into a single image in Photoshop

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You have lots of windows open in Photoshop. Now, you want to combine them all into a single layered image.
Don’t drag them in, one at a time, there is a faster way to combine all these images.
Check out this quick Photoshop tutorial.

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47 responses to “Multiple open photos into a single image in Photoshop”

  1. You, sir, have just saved me a hell of a lot of time and effort. Neat trick and I wish I’d known about it ages ago. Many thanks.

  2. You’re a star – have been trying to do this type of this task, only the other day – and failed – and like a little mind reader – you’ve cracked what I wanted (again)!

  3. Fantastic ! I’ve always found the standard method time-consuming and very awkward.
    What would I like to see more of ? Well, you may not be in to painting, Colin, but I am, and have tried all of the usual apps, but I have been both surprised and amazed at how powerful Photoshop is, in this department. Especially with its Mixer Brush, which is more complex than the standard Brush. And, there’s also the Art History Brush. So, Photoshop is now my digital painting app of choice, but its hard to find tutorials as good as yours !

  4. When I was learning PS, I was also involved in the digital scrapbooking community. There was a chick who specialized in Scripts. She had introduced me to this feature. It is WONDERFUL, especially when opening up a new digi-scrap kit into one document for previewing and/or creating a layout for display!
    It’s been a while, so, thanks!

  5. Brilliant, that’s been the most useful 4 minutes this week. Love your ‘Live from Lockdown’ too.

  6. Coming from LR Summit, I’m a new subscriber, Colin; thanks! Every tip and hint helps!

  7. I had to take a Photo on my Lightroom camera App the I need to save on my PC so that I can send onto my doctor regarding a medical issue. I want to be able to save it as a DNG. Can you please advise on the quickest and easiesst way to do this. I have tried sending it to myself by email from the Lighroom Camera. But it gets sent as a JPG and I really need DNG. I need as much detail as I can get.

  8. Great Tip Colin as usual!! Would like to see how to make camera raw profiles using LUTs.

  9. Hi Colin, Just flowed your multiple layers trick. When I got to the closing of the images having got them all in the layers I lost the plot. I wanted to end up with a blank layer on which I could place a reduced size of each layer , ending up with a montage of all the layers which I could move around and resize at will. When I clicked on the image called untitled and close others they all remain as layers and the untitled isnt a blank layer on which I can place all the closed ones . I tried to open RECENT using the shift key but it doesnt work, so I had to start again using LR to send all of them to Pshop at once! can you tell me how I can end up with a blank layer on which I can then place each of the collected layers in any order/size that I wish?

  10. I work with PSc6 and have tried to use this tip a number of times, but it doesn’t work at the part where I can get rid of my elements (at the top).
    For example, I see Close All in the window.
    click on it and everything is gone?
    Tried again and now the bottom layer is only active …. no change.
    the window indicates:
    Consolidate all to here, is gray
    Close all
    move to new windo.

    can you help me with that, I think it’s a super good tip.

    • If you have unsaved files, you need to save them first. Photoshop (thank goodness) doesn’t automatically close unsaved images. If you didn’t change anything on the file, it doesn’t count as an unsaved image, only of you change something.

  11. Thanks for your very helpful tips.

    Is there a way to move a save selection from one file into another file to create a mask?

    • There is, but not automatically that I can think of the top of my head. I have some ideas, but would need to test them. I don’t have the time at this exact moment, but Ill look into it for the future

  12. Yet another great tip from Colin!
    I’ve been doing that the hard way for years.
    One of my favorite commands when I’m creating images of packaging is ‘Transform Again’. Do you have any tips on this and/or other similar commands?

  13. This is well good! Such a simple solution but I have never thought to look for it in the maze of Photoshop.

  14. I was making a collage of 10 different pictures and wondered how to do this. Great tip, Thanks Colin

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