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How to cut out anything in Photoshop, 3 best ways to remove backgrounds from photos

The best 3 ways to cut out anything in Photoshop CC (2 for all versions)

One of the mot popular tasks in Photoshop is cutting out things, AKA remove the background. I have covered this in depth in other tutorials here at PhotoshopCAFE, but here is a round up of my 3 favoriate methods, I’ll add links to my other tutorials below.

The three methods I’m showing here are Quick select and Select and mask, which is great for things like hair and fur. Then Ill show Color range which is awesome for things like trees. Finally, Ill give you a crash course on the pen tool and why you should use it. You thinking, “I don’t have all day” All this happens in 15 mins. If you use Photoshop or are planning on using it, this is time well invested.

Which is your favoriate method? Let me know in the comments.

The photos used in this tutorial come courtesy of Adobe Stock.

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Links to images used

Woman with red hair

The Tree

The car


Here is a short list of my other tutorials on cutting out and extracting.

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How to cut out hair in Photoshop 


Thanks for checking out this tutorial and explore PhotoshopCAFE, there is a lot of useful content on the site.


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5 responses to “How to cut out anything in Photoshop, 3 best ways to remove backgrounds from photos”

  1. Your very cool cobber, I do like your posts and have learned a heap of different ways to do things in Ps. BTW! I’ve using Ps since PS6 to 7 CS CS2 to CS6, I don’t like this subscription bit, you never own the program, just my thoughts. Hey keepon doing what your doing……..

  2. Hey Colin, Great tutorial. I mostly work with Landscapes so the Color Range is my favorite. I also use the pen tool on Classic Car photos, but I’m going to have to practice more with it. I’ve been using PS since CS2. Keep these tutorials coming … Love ’em.

  3. Hi Colin; Great video. I always seemed to have difficulty with cutting out the background around trees. No matter how much time I would spend, I could never seem to get it right. Now a days I use the fussy method. It seems to give me the best results.

  4. I like ALL the cut out methods, especially the hair one since I take a lot of photos of animals with many being fuzzy. The tree tut. is excellent too since I just labored over a tree cutout and was not entirely successful. Thanks for all your superior tips and help. I have loved and “struggled” for many years with PS but your help makes my struggles less!!!!

  5. Have used Photoshop from 1994 and use all of the selection methods. The biggest challenge for me are images that have both hard, precise areas and hair to select. I end up using two layers with selections and masks that are created with different methods. A pain! Do you know an easier approach?

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