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Make 3D art with Adobe Dimension and Photoshop

This tutorial shows you how to make 3D art in Photoshop and Adobe Dimension.

There is a new kid on the block and that is Dimension. It’s been in beta for a couple of years. Now it is a full app and part of the Creative Cloud.  What Dimension does is make it easy to combine photos and 3D. Drop in your photo as a plate and then add a 3D model (or more than one). You can easily change the scaling, position, camera angle etc. Change the color, texture, reflectivity, lighting, shadows, materials and depth of field. It quickly renders the scene and enables you to bring it directly into Photoshop where you can to the retouching. This is made easy because dimension creates depth and object masks for you to easily make selections.

You can use photos and 3D models from Adobe stock, directly in the Library panel. Many of these 3D objects are free, There are also a variety of lighting models and materials (textures) ready for your use.

To help you get started grab 10 free images from Adobe Stock 

Become an Adobe Stock Contributor: 


I hope you enjoy this little tutorial, the full written instructions are coming soon.


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