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Hidden master slider in Camera RAW for fading adjustments together

Have you ever made adjustments to a photo in Camera Raw and then wanted to blend the edited version with the original version? You are looking for a master slider that moves all the adjustments at once, like an opacity slider. This does exist, but it’s not obvious at first. This tip will help you get more out of the image adjustments in Photoshop CC.

Thanks for checking out this week’s episode. This week Im coming to you from Hawaii 🙂 I shot the photo used last night.

Great to see you here at the CAFE, and don’t forget to check out all our other tutorials, there are lots of them!

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39 responses to “Hidden master slider in Camera RAW for fading adjustments together”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for a great tip. I had not thought of that, but I have used something similar—though not as far-reaching as yours is. I usually duplicate the layer, then use the Camera Raw Filter. Once finished, you can go to the Edit menu and choose the Fade option and from that dialog box, use Blend Modes. After that, you can, if you wish, use the Blend Modes on just that layer.This works well, except that you cannot go back later and readjust it as you can with your Smart Objects. Your method is very much betteer than mine!


    David Xenakis

  2. I didn’t know about it Colin, and I have heaps to learn. thanks so much and for not racing though it all too quickly, that means a lot when your older. Travel to is Australia and New Zealand, love them both.

  3. Colin, no, I didn’t know about the hidden slider so thanks for the tip! My favorite place I have been so far is 100 Islands in Alaminos City in the Philippines.

  4. This is a great tip, Colin, just like the others that you have shared! I really appreciate your generosity in extending to others the privilege of your expertise!

  5. Holy Smokes, Colin! I never knew about that! I use smart objects a lot, but not using camera raw. Super!

  6. Hi Colin, I stayed in a hotel overlooking Waikiki beach in the 80’s, sorry to say that it did not match the beaches in Western Australia. I find the Pilbra and the Kimberley my favourite places to travel.
    All your tips and tutorials are great and I look forward to the next one. Have learnt a lot from them.

  7. I have used this function often, it is a good hint for all. I have travelled to HI over 30 times either for work or relaxing. I found some of the best opportunities on Kauai. Thank you.

  8. Hi,
    Love your tutorials and the easy way you explain them. The pace is perfect!
    I love to travel. To date Kenya is probably my favorite but just about to visit Japan so that may change.

  9. Thanks Colin. This is very helpful. Consider doing a tut that reveals all the hidden gems in ACR!

  10. Thanks Colin. I only use Photoshop CC, and shoot in RAW. So I always start making as many of my adjustments I can in the original RAW file, and then convert it to JPG. So any adjustments I would like to make later, will not be in the original RAW file. So I don’t quite understand the advantage of your tip. Am I missing something?

  11. Hi Colin, Camera Raw in PSD is a feature I regularly use. One smart object often has several Camera Raw layers eg. one with color corrections, one with vignette, one with noise reduction, etc. and I do it this way because then I can individually control the opacity. In the layers pallet it is always called “Camera Raw-filter” and there’s my problem: after some time I don’t exactly remember which correction is on which Camera Raw layer. Is there a way to rename each Camera Raw layer (eg.rename to CR color, CR noise, CR vignette) so I can quickly adapt opacity/blending without having to find out first which one of the Camera Raw layers I need?
    By the way, I love your tutorials and learned a lot of them.
    And yes, I love to travel! Some of my favorite destinations are Nepal, New Zealand, Patagonia, the national parks of the American Southwest and Hawaii as well 😉

  12. Well, Colin the Photoshop Whisperer strikes again with a totally awesome, alternate and useful Photoshop method of massaging photo files. Thank you Colin!

  13. Thanks, Colin. That is a GREAT tip. My favorite place to travel is Tahiti–and sometimes–across town to the grocery!

  14. Colin, Thank for sharing. I did not know about this feature. We have traveled throughout the world and it would be hard to pick a place. We loved Marrakech. Our current trip plans are to the Florida Key with Australia and New Zealand in the future.

  15. Thanks Colin. So thrilled I have discovered psCAFE! now a new way to enjoy my coffee, love the tip. thank you for taking time to explain in a way I got it.

    Ireland and Puerto Rico are places we loved visiting.

  16. No, Colin was not aware of that tip. Really good one – will definitely try that one out. Africa is my favourite destination. It is a long way though from home in Australia.

  17. Thanks a mill. Another great tip to add to my learning. Favourite place to travel right now is Christchurch. Its new vibrant and exciting. Enjoy your holiday.

  18. Nice tip and tutorial, though the title is not …. precise or right. Because that option, that adjustment is not in Camera Raw, and it is available for any and each smart filters applied, not only Camera Raw.

    Something like: Hidden master slider for fading Camera RAW adjustments together

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