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How to color grade Video in Photoshop Camera Raw

The best tool for Color Grading in Photoshop is Camera Raw.

“What?” You might say? “I didn’t even know that you could use Camera Raw with video”. Yes, you can, and you can get really great results. It’s as easy as editing a photo in ACR.

This tutorial walks you though all the steps for using Camera Raw for editing the color and tone of your videos. The important thing, is to make a Smart Object first. I show 2 examples. The first, we go through the steps very quickly. The second example, I explain how to get video into Photoshop, how to apply a cinematic Color grade and how to export the video. This tutorial is for Photoshop CC.

I will be adding the written steps soon.

I have 2 premium courses on Photoshop and video if you want to learn more. I also wrote a book with Peachpit Press called Video in Photoshop.


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7 responses to “How to color grade Video in Photoshop Camera Raw”

  1. Great, AWESOME tutorial, Colin you’re really up to the test. Always. I can’t tell you enough how much I have learned from you. Oh by the way, please play something more fun, that would really increase the viewers????? :} LOL!!!

  2. My tool of choice for video is my cell phone with a Rhode mile attached—quick, easy and I always have it with me. May not be studio quality but does well for Face Book and you tube posts.

  3. You make it look so easy!, but I know it’s a LONG road from very basic photoshop, where I am, to where you are. You might sell a lot of videos if provided a map… ??? I think

  4. That was great am going to buy the course Making Movies in Photoshop. Was wondering when you make the video a smart object can you use the clone stamp tool in photoshop to remove spots all at once instead of going frame by frame. Yes I would love to see more up to date videos on this subject editing videos in photoshop. I shoot videos with either a Sony A7RII or a Sony A6400. Would like information on joining the Photoshop Cafe. Thanks for great tutorials have been following you for quite a while. Johnny

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