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The confetti and streamers have long been cleaned up from last years Adobe Creative Cloud party. It’s been a year since Adobe went all-in with the Creative Cloud. This is where you get regular updates, rather than waiting 18 months for a new version.  CC can be installed on more than one computer and activated on 2 of each. Rather than go into the full explanation again, just check out our  Adobe CC page here that explains everything. 

The Creative Cloud was met by mixed reactions. People loved the tools and convenience, but the subscription only model fell a little flat. While some users were thrilled with the availability of the entire suite of Adobe tools at a $50 monthly subscriptions, some others mainly photographers and Photoshop hobbyists we not so excited about having to pay a subscription and (rent) their software. in response to the outcry from the photography community, a photographer’s cloud was introduced that offers Photoshop. Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile at a $9.99 a month price. For users that prefer to buy once, you can still buy CS6 and Lightroom as a stand-alone purchase. This did make the majority (but not all) the users happy. Once again, rather than get into the pros and cons etc, check out what has already been written and discussed. 

Adobe has come though on its promise and quite a few updates and useful features have been added to the CC programs.

Now Adobe is getting ready to announce some major new features for the next version of Creative Cloud applications and services. This event is scheduled for June 18th. Check out the event and then come back to PhotoshopCAFE for a first look and more in-depth coverage of these new features.

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