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PhotoshopCAFE training Digital Downloads now on Amazon s3, better option than streaming subscriptions

I’m excited excited to announce that we are now using the Amazon s3 cloud to deliver our digital downloads. What this means to our customers, is more reliable downloads, better speed and the security of Amazon’s servers. We have updated our entire download infrastructure and customers will enjoy the best possible download experience for our training products, starting today. When our downloads started to become more popular, it became obvious that we needed to upgrade our system, which I’m happy to say is now done. If anyone has any issues, don’t hesitate to let me know. We have fully


 tested it and actually been silently running it for a week now and haven’t encountered any issues. Adding the with the McAfee services, I’m confident that our transactions and file transfers are very secure and robust.

Many of our customers have remarked how they enjoy the ability to instantly download most of our training products (All products will be available as digital versions soon). They like the option of downloading and transferring to their mobile devices. This way a persistent internet service isn’t always required to watch our anytime videos. Subscription-based streaming cannot be viewed while flying and most other modes of travel. It also get’s expensive with carriers capping data on mobile. It’s also nice to have ownership of training software and in the long run is actually less expensive to buy videos aka-carte from PhotoshopCAFE than pay (seemingly cheaper) annual subscriptions elsewhere.


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