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1 click selections in Photoshop Tutorial

Adobe has just updated photoshop CC 2018

Th biggest feature is selections. There is a new select subject button. This uses Adobe’s AI dubbed as Sensei . Sensei recognizes the subject as a person, animal, car, boat etc. Using this information, Photoshop recognizes the subject and then creates a selection around it. This video puts it to the test with different types of images. Another new feature is decontaminate edges. This is great for removing colored fringes. Decontaminate in itself isn’t new, what is new is the slider where we can adjust the amount.

This tutorial also shows the steps to get a better selection than the initial selection.

This feature is in Photoshop CC only. We have lots more tutorials that show users of Photoshop Cs6 and earlier how to make selections. These tutorials are also useful for CC users.

Selecting hair in CC

Selecting hair in CS6

How to mask impossible images

Making selections with the pen tool and paths.


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selections and masks in Photoshop CC

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20 responses to “1 click selections in Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Adobe’s upgrade is magnificent. I personally love what it does and how much easier some things are becoming. I greatly appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and educated with direct “How-To”s from you. Thank you.

  2. It’s a start but I think they added it too soon. Don’t need things which allow/convince me to settle for less. Advertise as 1st trial but slow down the marketing efforts. Show the negativity, the uses, but don’t dare sell it as a result. It’s just a nice start to a selection. I want to know how to finish it off so it’s a hidden blend finish.

  3. Have your brushes disappear after the PS upgrade as reported by some.
    Thanks for the tutorial……great!

  4. Looks like the refinement adjustments are the brass ring. I hope this works especially for complex functions. I will give it a try.

  5. Great tutorial Colin. I struggle with isolating the hair, especially on the cats that I take for the Animal Rescue & Adoption. And more specifically on their whiskers. I’ll be referring to this tutorial often.

  6. Now that looks like a useful update Colin! And I do like a guy that demonstrates using a real-life type of image instead of something that makes it simple – thanks for that, it adds confidence. I’m off to check my updates!

  7. This is fantastic, Colin,

    I use this process heaps now I’ve seen your tutorial. It is useful and valuable. Thank you very much once again.

  8. Thank you, I love it, but I have one problem when I go to select and mask, the option “show edge” does not work (I have upgraded Ps), it is not active at all, should I do sth to activate it?
    Thank you, Marina

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