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How to blur the background of a photo in Photoshop tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial shows how to make a blended background blur, so you can show the whole body and have the background blurred in a realistic way without halos. This is a very real and natural looking effect.

Step by Step
color splash, partial color effect in Photoshop tutorial

How to make a color splash, or partial color effect to a black and white photo in this Photoshop tutorial. Turn color to film noir and then select where you want the color in the photo.

Step by Step
Photoshop masking tools for easy cutouts

How to cut out things in Photoshop using the amazing tools in the mask panel, color range and select and mask without ever leaving the mask panel.

Step by Step
How to create cinematic Color for your photos in Photoshop

How to create Cinematic color for your photos, 2 methods for teal / orange Blockbuster look as well as stylized color in Photoshop.

Step by Step
Amazing color and texture in your photos with LAB color in Photoshop tutorial

Photo editing in LAB color in Photoshop to get amazing texture and color and how to mask your photos for extra punch 

how to convert a logo into a watermark in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to quickly turn an image into a watermark in Photoshop, protect your photos with a watermark. You make a brush from a logo and then save the brush to your library, so that its available to you everywhere

Step by Step
How to remove logos from a photo in Photoshop tutorial

How to easily remove a logo from a photo in Photoshop. Learn 2 easy ways to remove logos from clothing and cars in Photoshop. You can use these techniques to remove anything from a photograph.

Step by Step
How to make an eclipse sequence in Photoshop, Solar eclipses and Lunar eclipses

Learn how to make an eclipse Sequence in Photoshop, this works for Solar Eclipses + Lunar eclipses. Assemble your photos easily, using these tips

Step by Step
How to cut out trees quickly in Photoshop tutorial

How to cut out trees in Photoshop in seconds. This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to perfectly cut out trees in seconds using channel based selections in Photoshop. 

Step by Step
How to photograph the 2017 Solar Eclipse

How to photography the great American eclipse, how to safely view and photograph the 2017 total solar eclipse

Step by Step
How to light a photo in Photoshop, Turn day to night

This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to turn day to night and add some nice floodlight effects on a brick wall. How to light a photo in Photoshop.

create a dynamic background in Photoshop tutorial Creating dynamic motion blurs on backgrounds in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a motion blur on a background to make a photo look like its moving. We will learn how to put a person into motion in Photoshop tutorial. This is a fun tutorial, that I think you will like!

match color How to make the colors match between different photos in Photoshop

Learn how to make the colors look the same on different photos on different layers in Photoshop. This is a very requested topic from the CAFE CREW! You have asked how to do this, so… here it is! Enjoy

Remove difficult objects from a photo in photoshop How to remove difficult objects from photos. Removing distractions from photographs.

How to remove difficult subjects from photos in Photoshop tutorial. Remove anything using healing brush, Content aware fill, clone stamp and more. Even how to make semi transparent selections, You’ll keep coming back to this photoshop tutorial.

photo compositing in photoshop tutorial How to do a photo composite in Photoshop, full walk through. Free Photoshop tutorial

Complete photo compositing tutorial in Photoshop. Create this sports composite, free step by step instructions, start to finish. Extract and combine photos, add texture overlays and color effects.

how to create a texture overlay of a photo in Photoshop

This tutorial shows you the fastest way to create digital art with textures in Photoshop. You have seen stylized photos everywhere and maybe not realized how easy it is to do this for yourself

How to search and download Adobe Stock images in Photoshop

How to find and search photos easily in Adobe stock. How to use Adobe Stock in Adobe Photoshop with CC Libraries. Adobe Stock Ultimate guide.

Video + Step By Step
How to add adjustments to multi-layered photos in Photoshop tutorial

How to apply photo adjustments to multi layered images. Tips for clipping adjustment layers to single layers and how to turn an adjustment into a Smart Filter

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