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Rusted Type Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Start with some test on a new layer.
rust-000- Rasterize the type, by right clicking on the name on the layer thumbnail and selecting “rasterize text” (Render type in PS 5.0 and 5.5)


Step 2

Select the text (Ctrl/Cmd+Click on layer thumbnail)
Select the linear gradient tool and choose the “copper gradient” fill the text with the gradient.


Step 3

Change the color of the text by using the Hue/Saturation option. Press Crtl/Cmd+U to open the command and set it for a gray/blue color.

Duplicate the layer.


Step 4

To add the texture:

Shoose the settings as shown to the right.


Step 5

Switch to Difference mode and notice how the color begins to come out.


Step 6

Now load the layer as a selection by Cmd/Ctrl+Clicking on the layer thumbnail.
Select>Modify Contract Choose 4 pixels.


rust-009-In the bottom of the toolbox click on the quickmask button, or press the “Q” key

Step 7


Choose the settings shown.




Step 8


Click off the quickmask tool or press “Q” again.
Duplicate the layer


Step 9


Press the Delete/backspace key to delete the selection.

Step 10


Switch to color dodge mode.

Step 11


Add an inner bevel to the layer.

Also add a drop shadow to the original text layer for effect.
Here is the effect with a shiny border, for a variation please continue.


Step 12


Change the mode to Saturation

Ctrl/Cmd+U for the Hue/Saturation
Change the color to suit

Step 13


Drop onto a colored background for effect.
There you have it… Rusted Text. Rust never sleeps! (And neither does Colin these days 🙂


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