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How to update Photoshop CC and keep your plugins

Photoshop CC 2017 is now available, this quick quide shows you how to update to the latest version. After updating many people say “Where are my plugins? They are gone. How to I get my plugins back? I’ll show you how to copy your plugins over from all your previous versions of Photoshop so that you don’t have to reinstall them.

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8 responses to “How to update Photoshop CC and keep your plugins”

  1. I still don’t understand why Adobe doesn’t automatically port the presets and plug-ins from the 2015 to the 2017 Photoshop folders during the install of the new app. Having to locate, then “authenticate” each transfer is absurd.

    • Some people still use older versions of PS even after upgrading. Also, the plugins aren’t always compatible. But its still worth you posting this as a feature request on Adobe forums. They do listen to FRs

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