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Smallest Stabilized Camera in the world. Insta360 Go review

Insta360 Go: Tiny camera, in depth review and tutorial.


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Insta360 Go world’s smallest stabilized camera.

Check out my in-depth review on the new Insta360 Go. This reviewtorial (review, tutorial style. Kind of how I do all my reviews) shows you the setup and operation of the Insta 360 GO. You will also see how the Go app works with AI powered Flashcut.  Is this little, I mean.. tiny camera for you?

Its strengths are in the size, amazing stabilization (see my Gopro Hero 7 Black / DJI Osmo Action / Insta360 Go stabilization comparison on my video review). You can put this $199 camera in places you can’t put regular cameras because of its size and unique mounting methods. You also don’t have to sift through hours of footage looking for the shots. The image quality isn’t as clear as the (2X priced and much larger) Gorp, but the shots are very usable. It shoot in a square format and then lets you choose between tall or wide formats later.

Anyway, please check out my video tutorial for examples and a really deep look into the Insta360 GO.

What’s in my Insta360 Go review?


#1 what is it?

World smallest stabilized stabilized camera (It’s wearable) you can mount anywhere and operation is with a single button:

Water resistant, not designed for underwater use – 


#2 What’s in box?

Camera Charge case


Easy Clip

Angle Wedge

Sticky base

Pivot stand

2 cables (power charge and USBC) 


#2a Camera Show parts of Camera –

Lens status indicator

Charging point and action button


#2b Mounts

Pendent – not thick clothing – If you have a pacemaker, don’t wear pendent – 

Easy clip – and angle wedge

Sticky bases – Clean dry flat surfaces only – put tape back on, peel for corner, don’t try to pull off, – if loses sticky, clean with fresh water and dry – Don’t use of hot, cold or vibrations

Pivot stand – tripod -Selfie stick 1/4 inch

#2c Charging case (green 80%+, Yellow 20%-80%, Red <20%)

Use charge cable to charge and plug in camera

#3 Activation

Case connects to phone

Download GO APP

Connect to activate 

Use 2nd cable for android

#3 Stand Alone USE… 

Action button: 4 modes

Quickcapture: Tap 1x while off: 30 second video short vibe flashing White long vibe

Photo: Tap 1x while on 1 shot short vibe white light 3 flashes

Hyperlapse Tap 2x 30 min hyper lapse short vibe, rapid white light long vibe

Slow Motion Tap 3x 15 second Slow mo slow vibe, slow white light long vibe

Shuts off

Tap once to stop 

These can all be customized in app

TEST Stabilization


22mins video

373 photos


#4 Bluetooth

To connect..

Turn on phone BT

Press and hold action till 2 short vibes

Open app.. tap camera icon>Bluetooth control>select camera

name is GO last 6 of serial number 

Notes: Wont power off – 33 feet range – attaching charge case disconnects

Change settings

Enables remote shooting and 2 modes (Static time-lapse and Interval shooting)


#5 rest of app


Change settings

Flashcut auto edits

AI powered – knows what shots are

Choose theme



See more and get it here

Thanks for checking it out



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