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How to set up DJI Ronin RS2 Gimbal, Raven Eye and Focus. (Pro Combo)

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I know how hard it is to figure out all the instructions and search the web for information, so I put this simple video together to help you How to set up and balance the DJI Ronin RS2. This is a pure setup video that shows how to assemble and prepare the Gimbal and accessories, ready for shooting. Step by step instructions on setting up the raven eye and the Mechanical focus.

Colin Smith (me) shows how to set up the DJI RS2 Pro Combo using a Sony a7sIII and Canon 5D mk4.

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📘 INDEX – Setup Ronin RS2 00:00 – Intro, what’s covered

01:05 – The Pro Combo

01:40 – Setup the core Ronin RS2

03:55 – Attaching the cable from camera to RS2

06:20 – Balancing the camera on the gimbal

08:52 – Powering up

11:27 – Activating with the Ronin app

12:15 – Set up the Raven Eye

18:27 – Set up the Mechanical focus

23:42 – Set up briefcase mode

24:28 – Set up phone holder


I hope this was useful.

Let me know if it helped





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