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Photoshop 2020 Colorizing a photo with gradients, new preset panels and features

How to use Object selection and new Gradient panel to change colors in Photo in seconds.

In this tutorial, we will look at 2 of the new features in Photoshop 2020. We will look at the amazing Object Selection tool to select parts of a photo. Then we will use the new gradient presets. You will see how the new preset panels work and be able to use gradients to change the color of portions of a photo. This will get you better results than using flat colors alone.

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1. Choose the new Object selection tool. Make sure it’s set to lasso in the tool options bar.

2. Make a selection around the flower crown. Alt/option+Drag to remove from selection. 

new gradients in Photoshop 2020


1. Open the gradient panel. Drag a gradient into the image.

2. Change Layer Blending mode to Color.

3. Click the gradient in the layers panel to open the Gradient options. Change the angle and scale. Drag on canvas to reposition the gradient. 

single click gradient presets in Photoshop 2020


With the gradient layer selected, single-click on any gradient to change the color instantly. 

Changing colors in photoshop 2020 with gradients

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to check out my other Photoshop 2020 tutorials here on PhotoshopCAFE

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5 responses to “Photoshop 2020 Colorizing a photo with gradients, new preset panels and features”

  1. Colin I have watched 3 different videos on the new updates. Yours is the best! Yours is more thorough and bc you have both the videos and written instructions! Bravo!

  2. Colin – As a channel subscriber I get links to your videos on Photoshop Cafe and I watch them there. If I want to “like” the video is the only way to do so by leaving your site and watching it on YouTube?

  3. If you lose your Gradient panel after the update of Photoshop 2020 on the 19th March 2020 open photoshop 2020 and when it starts loading look for the file Legacy Gradients .grd and click to open it will then load the panel if you didnt have it before save a new workspace to make sure it stays.

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