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How to make the X-Men logo in Photoshop, 3D and 2D versions

I thought I was long overdue for more of a project based tutorial that designers can sink their teeth into. (There is a lot that photographers can use in this too). To my surprise,  I couldn’t find any decent Photoshop tutorials on creating the X-Men logo, so here we go!

We begin by using the different shape layers in Photoshop to create the basic logo and an awesome tip for centering things that you will love. We then jump into layer styles and add a shiny bevel to the logo as well as giving it a metallic sheen. Then we will make a brushed metal backdrop.

This is where the tutorial gets interesting. I actually branch it off into 2 options. I will show you how to use the 3D tools in Photoshop to make a 3D version of the logo. I also show you how to do a 2D version of the same thing for those of you who don’t have a version of photoshop that does 3D, or you just want to see a different way of doing it. This first video shows the 3D version, while the second version shows the 2D version. Check out the one that interests you, or watch both! (The first half is the same on both, but the second part is completely different).

Then I will finish off the effect by adding a shadow and some light glints. I really hope you enjoy this tutorial.

How to Make the 3D X-Men Logo in Photoshop + How to convert any logo to 3D


How to Make the X-Men Logo in Photoshop (2D version)


I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had a lot of fun making it.
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