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How to make an oil painting from a photo in Photoshop tutorial

There are many ways to make art in Photoshop and I have found over the years that people really love turning photos into things that look like paintings. The oil paint filter in Photoshop gives a very distinctive look.
This tutorial shows you how to choose the best settings for the most realistic results, as well as a couple of little tricks to get a more realistic result.


Over the years I have done a few of these painting type effects, this English Tea Can one has been one of your favorites, check it out here.

This photo I used in the oil paint tutorial is from Adobe Stock

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Thanks for checking out this tutorial.

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9 responses to “How to make an oil painting from a photo in Photoshop tutorial”

  1. Colin, you amaze me. I’m 80 years young and still learning in Photoshop. In all the lessons I have taken over the years, you are the best! You make learning so easy! I’m serious. You have a talent in teaching. I bought Photoshop in 1995 and used it all those years in my business. I now have an app that I developed from my shoots called, camera-storyboard. Because I have taken so much knowledge from you over the years for free, I wish to return the favor and give you a code for my app free. Just contact me at the email and I will send it to you. Thanks so much for your knowledge.

  2. Collin,
    Another marvelously simple and effective tutorial. You’ve left the door wide open for experimentation. Can’t wait to try it out. Hope it will work with version 5.5

  3. This is great. I have Adobe CC, with all the applications and recent downloads. I am already a subscriber, and look forward to other lessons as well.

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