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How to Make a LUT In Photoshop

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Making Custom LUTS in Photoshop

If you want to make a LUT in Photoshop, it’s actually quite simple. I’ll give it to you in a nutshell here and then break it down, step by step.

Create some adjustment layers on your image

Choose Files>Export>Color Look Up Tables

Choose 3DLut, or Cube

Name it and save it.

Watch the video to see all the steps and an explanation of what’s going on.


Here is a tutorial on how to use LUTS and how to add them to the menus in Photoshop

how to use LUTS in Photoshop

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9 responses to “How to Make a LUT In Photoshop”

  1. That is the brilliance of your tuts because every time one listens to one will learn something new and thus make him/her more PS proficient.Thanks buddy. there

  2. It really helps to both see the demo of how you create, save, load and use LUTs, Colin, as well as have the printed step x step to accompany that. Thx! I am going to experiment more with LUTs now.

  3. This should be called “How to save your LUT” because it doesn’t teach you how to create the adjustment layers. I have 20 years experience in PS and never used such layers. Incomplete tutorial. EDIT: This comment applies to the written version.

    • Thats why I suggest watching the video as well, I sometimes don’t have the time to write out each and every step.

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