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PhotoshopCAFE LIVE – New Photoshop ai Art Generator, generative fill Firefly

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New Photoshop Generative Fill ai

Colin Smith shows you how to use this powerful new feature in Photoshop. See all the different things you can do as well as a discussion on how this works, what it means for you and the industry as well as ethical and legal discussions.

At this time, this feature is only in Photoshop beta. Here is a short tutorial on how to get the Photoshop beta.



Following the success of LFL (100 weekly episodes), we are transitioning to a monthly show. Colin Smith has been going live on youtube. We do a live Photoshop show. This includes tutorials, tips, challenges, prizes, Q+A and interaction in the chats.

This is a different format than the usual Tuesday tutorials and is more of an interactive format and we tend to go a little deeper into certain things as well as exploring multiple ways of doing things. The people attending these live events absolutely love it and they return every time for more.

You really should join live if you can, its a LOT of fun and there are hundreds of us all coming together in community.


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4 responses to “PhotoshopCAFE LIVE – New Photoshop ai Art Generator, generative fill Firefly”

  1. I photograph images of my company’s products for website and advertising fill. Typically they are shot with a white or lite grey background. I would like to composite these images in a generated fill background, or into an environmental setting. I am tinkering with ideas, but not a very good cigar so far. Thoughts?

  2. Just followed the density water video. Wow love it! I believe you have just produced another A1 video does this add to the course I bought. I appreciate new advances coming out all the time

    • No, you don’t have to own the course to view, the new tutorial I did is a free tutorial that you can view on PhotoshopCAFE or on YouTube

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