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How to make Cyberpunk colored Lights in Photoshop, Cyberpunk 2077 style

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Adding Colored Cyberpunk Light in Photoshop

If you look at any Cyberpunk style art, the blue and pink color scheme is a hallmark of this style, The style itself is a dystopian, lawless future where technology has taken over over. Early examples are Blade Runner and the 5th Element. Right now the hit video game Cyberpunk 2077 is very popular, despite mixed reviews.

Download lesson images here

This is not supposed to be an exhaustive tutorial, it focuses of adding the color and the colored lights in their simplest form. There is a lot more that can be done with compositing and blending modes and overlays. I have lots of tutorials on these aspects already. Below is the image we are creating, Its just a rough “sketch” and is unfinished, but it helps you get the grasp of the basics.

Also for a more detailed walk through of a cyberpunk scene, check out this one I did for a LFL Session  (Live From Lockdown).

Or here is another one, that is closer to the game, I created on an Adobe Live session for Adobe

Thanks for checking it out and I hope this was an interesting tutorial for you.


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