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Lightroom Classic 10.3 New Features (June 2021) Super res, M1

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Lightroom Classic new features 2021.

The June 2021 release of Lightroom Classic brings a few important updates in version 10.3. These include

Super Resolution:

Make your photo 4x larger without losing much quality. Firt released in Camera Raw, it’s now in Lightroom Classic.  See my in-depth review of this feature along with comparisons here.

Apple M1 native support.

Lightroom has supported Apple Silicon for a while, and now Lightroom Classic comes to the M1 native platform. Ill have speed tests coming soon. See my tests on Photoshop and M1 here.

New Presets

There are a number of presets created by professional photographers added to Lightroom Classic, these will of course also appear in ACR.

Tethered Live view on Nikon.

Canon received this feature a little while back, where you can see live view video through the tethered computer, along with the ability to change settings in real-time and capture images.


Check out the video above to see these features in action.

Drop a comment and let me know which is your favorite feature and share this with your friends.

Grab some free Lightroom Presets and profiles here. 




3 responses to “Lightroom Classic 10.3 New Features (June 2021) Super res, M1”

  1. Another great video, Thank you Colin. I’ve had the Mac mini M1 for a few months now and have just updated Lightroom Classic to version 13.3 and the difference is staggering. I don’t need to see a speed test but I’m sure a lot of people who are thinking about updating their Mac they will see its worth it for Lightroom alone.

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