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DJI Mini 3 Pro review. A perfect first, or second drone

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My review of the DJI mini3 is now live. I have the package with DJI remote and the Flymore + combo. See me test it out on location at the beach in Southern California
Check out the review of the new DJI MIni 3 Pro where we look at the drone, the controller and the fly more kit.
I take it for a little fly and share my impressions. I shoot some video and photos.
We look at the photos in 48mp and 12mp and the 4K footage.
This drone is under 250 grams, so you don’t have to register it and jump through other hoops in some countries.
It also can shoot in portrait or landscape mode, meaning the gimbal can rotate to a vertical position
It’s great value for the money. I recommend getting the DJI RC combo with the built in screen.

DJI Mini 3 Pro (NO RC) USD $669

DJI Mini 3 Pro (RC N1:no screen)) USD $759

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC: screen) USD $909


5 responses to “DJI Mini 3 Pro review. A perfect first, or second drone”

  1. Loved this, Colin. I was thinking of buying a drone but did not know where to start. If I were willing to spend more money than this, which drone would you recommend to obtain better picture quality? I assume drones capture in a RAW file format. Thanks

    • If you already have larger drones, you are already registered, just need to slap your number on the bigger batteries. You really register yourself, as you get the same number.

  2. Hey Colin. Wondering if after some more time with this drone what you think of the image quality now. I’m considering this drone as a second one to go with my Mavic Pro 2. Reasoning being I’d like the small size for portability and have not found an upgrade to the Mavic 3 classic to be necessary as near as I can tell. But I am really wondering if the image quality of the mini 3 pro has left you wanting more, or if it’s been fine. I also have a bit of difficulty understanding the 48mp size from the 12mp sensor and why it’s not on the regular mini. Cost savings I’d guess.

    • The quality is very good. Its not a good as the Mavic 3, but its better than a lot of the drones we have had in the past.

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